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5 Methods to Alleviate Allergies

Spring is the season of sneezing and leaking! Help your poor irritated eyes and runny nose take a rest by following the tips below to alleviate your allergy symptoms.  

1. Leave your shoes at the door.

By leaving your shoes at the door, you track less pollen into the house! Close windows and doors (because they can let in pollen too) and if possible, let the air conditioner filter the indoor air instead of bringing in pollen-filled air from outside. This principle can be applied to your car as well: keep your windows and sunroof closed to keep out pollen from outside.

2. Take a shower before bed.

You might be a morning person who likes to take a shower right when you wake up, but reconsider taking your shower at night instead if you’re sniffling up a storm. The allergens in your hair and face won’t be rubbing off on your blankets and pillows, irritating your eyes and nose throughout the night.

3. Change into fresh clothes when you get home.

When you get back home from a long day at school or a jog around the neighborhood, change into a fresh set of clothes. Being outside during heavy allergy season might mean getting all sorts of allergens on your dirty clothes. By throwing the old clothes in the hamper, you won’t be tracking the allergens throughout the house. Regularly washing your bed sheets will also help.

4. Wipe down your pets.

Your pet dog or cat is considered a danger zone for hidden allergens. Bathe them as much as possible, or wipe down their fur with a pre-moistened cloths to get rid of the pollen attached to their fur.

5. Find the ideal time and place for a workout.

Location is an important aspect as you’re certainly going to experience more allergy symptoms if you work out close to a grassy field or in a nearby park. Instead, choose an indoor gym, swimming pool, or the concrete basketball courts to do your workouts. Allergens also peak in the early hours, therefore it’d be best to exercise in the mid-afternoon.


Enya Meng is a junior at UC Davis studying Clinical Nutrition with a minor in English. She aspires to become a registered dietitian working with patients with eating disorders. Her favorite things to do include reading, writing short stories, and experimenting with new recipes.
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