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The majority of films with LGBTQ+ representation end up revolving around trauma or death, with the characters often being given a tragic ending that leaves audiences upset. That is why it is refreshing to see a movie where LGBTQ+ characters get to just be happy and in love. Rather than succumbing to their defeats, they rise above their challenges and live the lives they desire. I have compiled a list of some of my favorite movies that offer this kind of happy entertainment. With choices from all over the world, these films will hopefully end up being next on your watchlist. 

1. Dating Amber (2020) 

This Irish coming of age film follows two teenagers in 1990’s Ireland that decide to fake date each other while coming to terms with their sexualities. It is a beautiful film about friendship and love that left me in (happy) tears by the end. I cannot recommend Dating Amber enough, as it portrays the path to acceptance in who you are in a beautiful way without including any kind of tragic twist.  [bf_image id="85xcq3pnps2jkrg8c75mg66"]

2. The Way He Looks (2014) 

This LGBTQ+ Brazilian romantic comedy is heartwarming and very relatable. Scenes of this movie mirror moments we have all had with our friends as we lounge around daydreaming about our futures. With a killer soundtrack and lovable characters, it is an instant comfort movie. 

3. D.E.B.S. (2004) 

An early 2000’s spy movie with a lead romantic arc that centers around an enemies-to-lovers lesbian relationship is not what I expected when I began this movie. However, this film has a little bit of every genre – romance, comedy, and action – which makes it such a classic.  [bf_image id="t3p44rcz7v8c8hwn27cw2x"]

4. La Llamada (2017) 

This Spanish musical is set at a Christian camp run by nuns, which makes it a bit of an unconventional setting. Nonetheless, I was hooked very quickly due to the great ensemble of characters and fun songs. The film takes a very well-done approach to the subject of LGBTQ+ relationships within Christianity while still remaining a comedy. 

5. Black Mirror: San Junipero (2016)

While Black Mirror may be a television show, I feel like the individual episodes can be watched like separate movies. The futuristic plot line of San Junipero brings the central lesbian couple together over several decades, and they choose each other despite the challenges in every single one. The music played throughout this episode is stellar, and it is another wonderful depiction of LGBTQ+ love without a somber ending.

Zara Fatteh is a sophomore at University of California, Davis studying International Relations and Spanish. She enjoys traveling with her family, trying new restaurants, and reading as much as she can.
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