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5 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

When I was younger, I loved picking out costumes, dressing up for Halloween, and trick-or-treating. In the past couple years, however, I’ve started insisting that I didn’t want to dress up for Halloween or that I was too old. I always end up regretting this and find myself standing in front of my closet every year on October 30th hoping some strike of inspiration will hit me. There are a lot of clothing items most people already have in their closets that can function as Halloween costumes, so don’t worry if you’re trying to make something work at the last minute!

Wednesday Addams

All you really need to be Wednesday Addams is a long-sleeved black dress. If it already has a collar, you’re all set. If it doesn’t, you can either wear a white collared shirt underneath the dress, or make a collar using this tutorial. If you want to do a bit more for your costume, there are plenty of YouTube videos with Wednesday Addams inspired make-up!

Rosie the Riveter

To be Rosie the Riveter, you need to wear a chambray shirt, jeans, and tie your hair up with a red bandana. Add some red lipstick if you’d like, and go inspire people with the phrase “We Can Do It!”

A Minion

Minions have become so popular in the past few years; they even have their own movie! All you need to be a minion is a yellow shirt, denim overalls or suspenders, and a pair of goggles or large glasses.

Sadness from Inside Out

To dress up like Sadness, the hilariously, lovable character from Inside Out, all you need is a grey sweater, jeans, round glasses, and a sad expression. If you can dye your hair blue or put on a blue wig, you’ll look even more like the teary eyed character.

Sandy from Grease

Sandy is known for her all black ensemble and red heels. If you have a black off the shoulder top, black leggings, a belt, and red shoes, you’ll look just like you belong in Grease.

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Ravina is a second year Comparative Literature major at UC Davis. When not studying, she enjoys watching Brooklyn Nine Nine and rereading the Harry Potter series.
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