5 Essential Steps in My Korean Skincare Routine

Korean beauty products have been rising in popularity recently, with everyone wanting to have perfect, glass-like skin. These specific beauty regimens are known to be extensive and somewhat excessive. Recently, Korean skincare has been introduced to the beauty community and put on shelves in the US; the demand is higher now than ever before. The trend of glass-like clear skin started out with many Korean celebrities revealing their bare faces, and fans noticed that their perfect skin did not have texture or a single blemish. Korean beauty standards include clean and pale skin, as well as the need to look as young as possible, minimizing wrinkles around the face.

the honest company beauty Photo by The Honest Company on Unsplash I personally have my own skincare routine that I adhere to almost every day, which always starts with washing my hands! The five steps that I would highlight in my skincare routine is as follows:

1. Cleanser

The first thing I highly recommend is to start with a cleanser that matches your skin’s needs. Cleansers vary in strength and focal purposes. Some may be too abrasive for those who have sensitive skin, so it is very crucial that you wash your face with a cleanser that cleans but doesn’t weather away your skin. After cleansing, make sure to pat your face dry instead of rubbing, or let your face dry without a towel. Towels can hold bacteria, and many people will choose to let their skin dry naturally instead.

2. Toner

Second, is use a high-quality toner. Toner is a quick drying liquid that balances the pH levels of your face, removes excess dead skin and oils, and provides a bit of hydration. Toner is used after cleansing to remove anything that water did not wash away.

3. Essence

The third essential is an essence, which comes in both liquid and cream formulas. These should not be confused with your everyday moisturizer. Essences come after toner to provide

that extra bit of hydration. An essence is necessary in the preparation of your skin for the next step, moisturizer.

4. Moisturizer

Moisturizer categorizes a broad range of formulas of lotion and skin creams, and are possibly the most used skincare product. Moisturizer is the source of the greatest amount of

moisture your skin will receive. Moisturizers can be gel or cream depending on your skin type. Creams are more hydrating and are more recommended to dry skin types. It is common for many to apply too much moisturizer. Use the recommended amount on the back of the bottle to cover your entire face.

5. Serum / mist

The last step in my skin care routine is the serum. Most people will skip serums, and I have found myself doing so as well. Serums can be used interchangeably with a hydrating mist. They both serve the purpose of setting in the moisture given to your skin and locking it in throughout the night.

Although these products may seem excessive, there are more measures you can take to achieve perfect glass-like skin. Remember that consistency is key, and it is crucial that you leave time at the end of the night to wind down and let your skin get its nutrition.

Skincare morning routine Kevin Laminto