5 Body Positive Women to Follow on Instagram

I have a butt, some love handles, and cellulite aplenty, and I am proud of all of these things… until I see a skinny model on my feed. Don’t get me wrong; this is not to shame thin women. Every woman is beautiful. And I, myself, was once a size zero. But my body changed, and it took a lot of time to fully adjust to the way I looked.

And I am still adjusting. I find myself comparing my body to the bodies of professional models and Hollywood actresses that I see in magazines and on Instagram. I hate the way that feels. To try to expose myself to messages of body positivity and combat my destructive tendencies, I decided to follow several people on Instagram that project body positive messages. Now, I see these messages every single day to help me accept my beautiful body for the way it is, now and every day in the future.

Here is a list of the women I followed that have helped with my body confidence:

1. Bella Golden @bellaagolden

Bella is a professional model that has broken down several walls in the modeling industry. She was the first “plus size” model for Lululemon athletic wear, and she has modeled for several other popular brands like Forever 21. She is hilarious, real, relatable, and she preaches messages of body positivity and self love nearly every day. She posts a lot in bathing suits and clothing that I love to wear too but feel self-conscious wearing, and she inspires me to wear them confidently because she does! One time, I felt so inspired by her that I DM’ed her, and she RESPONDED! She was kind, loving, and said that my small message had made her week. She is one of the best accounts I follow on Instagram, hands down.

2. Sophia Baltz @sophiabaltz

I actually found Sophia’s account from Bella’s account, as they are really close friends in the modeling industry. Sophia is curvy, fierce, and real, and she promotes body positivity and self-love on the daily. Her self-love and confidence is contagious! She wears what she wants and does not stop for anyone. I strive to have this attitude, and I can say I’m slowly getting there!

3. Victoria Garrick @victoriagarrick

Victoria is a former USC women’s volleyball player who posts candid pictures and captions about her history of body confidence issues. I played volleyball growing up and all through high school, and my body changed when I stopped playing. She was remarkably similar in this aspect, and I connected to her struggles about her changing body. However, she lives to show that a changing body is not a bad thing, and that it’s possible to love your body at every stage, with rolls, jiggly thighs, and cellulite, or not! I recommend giving her a follow. She even speaks out about her body struggles and journey to body confidence, and she is a body image and mental health advocate.

4. Kate Wasley @katewas

Kate is an Australian, plus-sized Sports Illustrated model. Another friend of Bella’s, she is inspiring, beautiful, and confident. Her bathing suit posts actually helped me get the confidence to buy a few new suits. She is also a big advocate for the changing body. Her body has changed over time, and while she acknowledges that she’s gained weight, she documents how being kind to her body throughout all of this has helped with her confidence. She wants everybody to know that mental health is essential to creating a healthy body, which looks different to everyone.

5. Ashley Graham @ashleygraham

Ashley is a very famous supermodel who has taken the modeling industry by storm. She has modeled on the runway, graced countless magazine covers, and has now started her own podcast! She is living proof that women of any size can be fierce and strong. She posts her insane workouts and inspirational messages all the time, which are motivating and important to the discussion of physical health and mental health. I look to her as the pinnacle of what total confidence looks like.

Give these lovely ladies a follow! I truly have felt a change in my attitude about my body after seeing their daily posts that spread love and positivity. I am now in a place where I feel good and confident about my body, and I owe this partially to them. And I know that there are several others promoting the same messages, and for that, I am grateful.