The 5 Best Places to Study On Campus

UC Davis is a huge campus, which means there are tons of places to study. Unfortunately, this also means mass crowds of students who are all looking for the same spots. If you’re like me, all you want is a nice, quiet place where you can study in peace. Without further ado, here are some of the best places to get some work done!

1. Everson Hall Courtyard

Everson hall is near the art building, just diagonal from the library. The courtyard is great because it’s huge and usually empty. You can grab a seat on a bench and really focus under the canopy of trees without a large number of people nearby. Not to mention, you can snack on chips without feeling like you are disturbing everyone around you. Because the Everson courtyard is surrounded by Everson Hall, there is a nice hum that comes from the air-conditioning units in the building. It’s soft enough to not distract, but loud enough to block out deafening and often uncomfortable silenceThe courtyard has a cool grassy area you can lay out on if you’re into that. The slight incline of the hill could totally be your ultimate back support. 

2. The Library Courtyard

You guessed it, another outdoor area ideal for getting your life together. The courtyard is connected to Shields Library and has tons of tables and benches for groups and for individuals. The wind won’t get you either, so don’t worry about chasing your papers across campus. One thing you should know about the library courtyard: it’s quiet. It is literally an outdoor library. Your chips may not make it here, but honestly it’s worth it! Sometimes it’s a gamble to find a seat, but most of the time a table or bench is open without a doubt.

3. The Outdoor Tables by the EOP House

Sandwiched between South Hall and the EOP House are about four tables. Don’t worry, these tables are open for everyone and they are perfect for eating lunch in warm weather or getting some studying done. The wide umbrellas and the trees protect you from the sun. These tables are also great for group studying—you don’t have to worry about noise level. It’s close to most class buildings and the tables seat about eight people! 

4. The Student Community Center (SCC)

The SCC is a hidden gem when it comes to studying. It is located just across from Peter A. Rock Hall. There are so many floors, many of which were made for students to study on. You can find a comfy chair with a desk almost anywhere! The SCC has great patios too with outdoor tables and views of campus. The breeze will hit you just the right way and you can watch people from up above. If you sit on the first floor, you can watch the cooking channel which is always playing on TV. Maybe that’s kind of distracting, but hey— it’s food! 

5. The Cultural Centers and the Women’s Resource Center

The cultural centers are some of the best places to study. Be sure to check out the Native American Student Success Center, the Chicanx Center for Student Success, the Center for African Diaspora Student Success, and many more. These centers often have free food, and if you’re lucky, free printing! The Native American Student Academic Success Center gives out free waffles every Wednesday, so take advantage. The Women’s Resource Center is located near South Hall. They have a feminist library, group study rooms (open to anyone), and speakers that play soothing nature sounds to help you relax. The Women’s Resource Center also gives out free snacks, especially around midterms and finals. 

You got to hand it to Davis for being so good at giving students what they need!