5 Best Birthday Freebies

It's hard to guarantee that you'll have an incredible birthday while in college: UC calendars don't care about the day we were born, we're broke, relatives stop sending cards now that we're getting older, and our friends never get the hint that it's always been our dream to have a surprise party thrown for us (maybe next year...). In spite of these things, it's important to celebrate your birthday because life is a gift, and you are one special person. Signing up for some cool birthday freebies is a fun and affordable way to do this. Some birthday freebies are practically scams (Anthropologie sends me a 15%-off coupon every year... really guys?), but others are for real!


Sephora's yearly birthday freebie is a fun, large makeup sample. They've given out cute little bottles of bubble bath, mini mascaras, highlighters, and lipsticks over the years. This year I got a double sampler with a mini mascara and a tiny lipstick in a universally flattering shade. Their freebies are a great way to try new products for free, and it's always fun to walk out of the store with your gift in a tiny black and white striped bag.

Victoria's Secret

I've always been a fan of this company for sending me free underwear coupons after I signed up for their mailing list, and if you tell them when your birthday is you'll also get a $10-off coupon in the mail every year that can be used on anything. Whether you use it for a pair of fancy birthday panties, a clearance t-shirt online, or a nice bra, this coupon will save you a serious chunk of cash.

Baskin Robbins

Who doesn't like ice cream? Sign up with Baskin Robbins and every year you'll get a birthday coupon in your inbox for a free scoop. I'm definitely getting chocolate chip ice cream this year.


If you make an account and register a Starbuck's card online, you will get a coupon for a free birthday drink. I rarely spend money on Starbucks (when you drink tea as much as I do, it makes more sense to make it at home), so I feel like a boss every year when I waltz in to get my free drink.


If you bring your ID to prove that it's your birthday, Yoloberry will give you a free serving of frozen yogurt! Yoloberry is a great place to celebrate with friends — the yogurt is delicious, the toppings are unbelievably varied, and the atmosphere is both cozy and fun.