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5 Artists You Should Have On Your Valentine’s Day Playlist

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The day of love is slowly approaching us and whether you’re single or in a relationship, adding some new artists to your Valentine’s day playlist is a win! Not only will these artists have you missing your ex (if that’s what you want to do that day) but they will also have you appreciating love itself.


The first artist on the list is the wonderful and soulful KIRBY!  She is everything you have ever dreamed of: a powerful southern voice with so much soul. Her lyrics will have you feeling like she opened up your diary and is singing your heartfelt secrets, so no wonder she calls herself a song therapist. Her newest album, Sis. He Wasn’t The One, will have you remembering exactly why you broke up with Kevin in the first place. But her number one song “Loved by You”, will have you remembering why you took a chance on love in the first place. Do yourself a favor and add her to your playlist this valentines day.


The next artist is the one and only Giveon! He honestly needs no introduction all you need to know is that this beautiful man will have you holding your lover a little tighter this valentines day. The way Giveon’s voice can have you feeling like you’re floating on cloud 9 should be a crime. He makes any playlist a lovers playlist and will definitely be added to yours this upcoming valentines day!

Tiana Major9

Tiana Major9 is an artist from London and is well known for her Grammy-nominated single “Collide” from the Queen & Slim soundtrack. She is what I like to call a hidden gem; she can have you laying down on your bed in your feelings for one song and the very next minute she will have you winding your hips to an island beat feeling like you’re the ish (still in your feelings though). Honestly, it’s the best of both worlds and she is definitely worth being added to your playlist.

Leon Bridges

Leon Bridges is King! This man is soul — the smoothness in his voice is like no other. When listening to him it feels like you are on the backroads with the person you love. Admiring the beauty of nature and the love you have for one another. His lyrics remind me of the sweet boy in town who can’t profess his love for you in person, so he writes his love for you in songs. The embodiment of southern love. Check him out; I recommend starting with his amazing song “River”!


Raveena is the definition of an internal deep breath of loving energy (if that made any ounce of sense). Honestly, I think that her music is beyond the physical world. She seems to connect to divine feminine energy, filled with so much power, yet it feels like her voice is floating into your body and healing every part. She will definitely have you holding yourself and feeling so loved. Definitely should be added to the top of your playlist this valentines day! I would recommend starting with “Close 2 U”.

This concludes my list of the top five artists that should be added to your playlist this Valentine’s Day. Were any artists familiar to you? What artists would you add to this list?

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