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5 Activities for the Holidays

Brr… it’s getting cold! Here are five winter-friendly activities.

1. Spend time with your loved ones!

As college students, we sometimes forget that we’re missing out on lots of valuable time with our family and friends who we don’t get to see often.

Source: Giphy

2. EAT!

But make sure it’s good food (and not In-N-Out on a daily basis like I do…oops).

Source: Giphy

3. Get some rest and relaxation in before finals start!

Shout out to the quarter system for never letting us take a break.

Source: Giphy

4. Shopping.

Sales are everywhere! Borrow your parent’s credit card and go wild!

Source: Giphy

5. Spend time reflecting on yourself and doing things you otherwise would not have time to do.

Realize what is important in life and don’t stress about what you can’t control. Live life in the moment!

Source: Giphy

Cover image source: Pexels

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