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4 Ways to Ace Online Shopping

Planning your spring wardrobe? Many people are reluctant to go online shopping, whether they fear ordering the wrong size or because they like to try clothes on in person. However, online shopping is one of the best style tools out there to find incredible deals while also saving serious time. So, take a look at these tips, and be prepared for your life to get just a little bit easier!

Take Advantage of Outfit Visuals, Comparing Prices, and Customer Reviews

Recognize the internet for the tool it is. Online shopping can do so many things for you that in-person shopping just can’t! With online shopping, you can often see a clothing item modeled with other things by a professional stylist, so you get a sense of the possibilities the item has for your closet. Also, the ease of comparing prices online will keep you from spending a ridiculous amount of money. I’ve saved huge chunks of money on so many things by doing a quick internet search instead of just buying an item at the first place I find it. Worried that you might not like an item when you see it in person? Reading through customer reviews can be an extremely accurate way of figuring out if you’ll like the fit and quality of something. Many websites encourage their customers to upload photos of themselves wearing the item they ordered, which is even more helpful!

Figure out Which Stores Work for You

The biggest complaint I hear about online shopping is the fear of having to return something because it doesn’t fit. This makes sense if you’re trying out a company for the first time, but after you establish your size with one brand you don’t have to worry anymore because most companies are stable in terms of fit. I can’t say this for cheaper companies like Forever 21, but for middle and upper brands you’ll almost never have to worry. Also, keep in mind that different companies cater to different body types. For example, J. Crew makes clothes with a slender figure in mind, and Zara makes clothes with a curvy figure in mind. Because I have established a list of companies I can always rely on, when there’s a special sale I can stock up on essentials without thinking twice, and without ever having to leave my house.

Know about Online Ordering Hacks

This is the fun part. Did you know that if you order a clothing item, you can email the company to get a price adjustment if it goes on sale within two weeks later? This has worked every single time for me. This is a great tip for Black Friday weekend sales; if you find the perfect item but worry that the price might be reduced even more on Cyber Monday, go ahead and order it. Keep track and see if it really did get further discounted the next day, and if so, ask for a price reduction to match the new sale price. You’re taking a small risk, but it’s better to make sure you grab the item before it sells out, and it never hurts to ask for a reduction if it does go on sale!

Other ordering hacks: about 50% of the time I’ve called to ask for free shipping, I’ve been given it. It just depends on the company. Also, if an item ships to you and is somehow defective or disappointing but final sale, you can email the company about it (make sure you provide pictures for evidence), and you’ll most likely be given a discount or a store credit. One more tip: always check retailmenot.com to make sure you didn’t miss a good coupon code for your online order.

Learn about Incredible Discount Sites

Always wonder how people score amazing deals on designer clothing? They either spend way too much time at the mall, or know about the best discount websites. I’m going to share my favorite sites with you; all of them have an influx of random, wonderful things depending on what is getting moved out of stores, and you can almost always find great basics, including designer denim, fashion tops, and great jackets. A couple of these sites require signing up to get the discount, but all you pretty much have to do is provide your email and prepare for crazy savings!







Rachel is majoring in English at UC Davis and has a passion for sharing tips on living happily and stylishly on a budget, among other exciting hobbies. She loves cats, Pomeranians, anything covered in chocolate, earl grey tea, and her husband, a handsome UC Davis graduate. You'll find her lost somewhere in the halls of Voorhies, or in the frozen aisle of Trader Joe's stocking up on delectable turkey meatballs. She loves to write and hopes her articles add a little extra joy to your busy life!
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