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4 Tips to Create Your Ideal Style

Don’t wear it if it doesn’t fit, make sure the colors don’t clash, and keep accessories to a minimum. Boy, for something that’s supposed to be fun and creative, fashion sure comes with a lot of rules! If looking good is starting to feel a little restrictive, maybe it’s time for a fresh start. These four simple tips give you plenty of flexibility to create a style that you’ll love.

1. Be Yourself: Youtube takes the expression “be whoever you want to be” to another level with videos like “Look Like Barbie Makeup Tutorial” or “How to Braid Your Hair Like Katniss Everdeen.” I hate to break it to you, but being mistaken for a plastic doll or a fictional character isn’t something to be proud of. While there’s nothing wrong with a little inspiration, imitating someone else’s look only shows that you’re dissatisfied with your own identity. If you want onlookers to fully appreciate your sense of style, slightly adjusting a look goes a long way because it highlights your confidence and originality.

*Don’t follow the Regina Georges of life!

2. Explore Every Possibility: As a teenager, you were scolded for dressing too old for your age. At thirty, you may be criticized for dressing too young. However, as a collegiette, you have the opportunity to really explore the fashion world! You’re young enough to have fun with loud patterns and bold colors. At the same time, you’re old enough to go the classier route with cardigans and button-down blouses. So don’t limit yourself to one type of style! Go for a more youthful look one day and switch to a more mature look the next. You can even mix and match! For instance, try pairing a neutral cardigan with a funky scarf.

3. Stay Comfortable: High-heels and pushup bras aren’t exactly known for their comfort. But as long as American culture places high value on tall and busty women, they will remain on every fashion magazine’s must-have list. If you know these items make you walk awkwardly or force you to adjust your bra every few seconds, wearing them probably isn’t worth it. It’s very likely those around you will notice your discomfort. And just like that, the sexy look you were going for is ruined. Dominant standards of beauty should never get in the way of wearing what makes you feel good. There are plenty of stylish flats to choose from if you desperately want to move on from sneakers. And since a larger bust is anything but necessary for many college activities (class, work, getting coffee, etc.), stick to full support bras. And shoes you can walk normally in.

4. Dress Within Your Means: Chanel this, Chanel that? HELL NO! You’re sadly mistaken if you think the more designer items you own, the more you’ll impress people. Any rational college student will agree that luxurious items have no business in an environment where debt runs rampant. Your money would probably be better spent on coffee to get you through those all-nighters (Because we all know coffee expenses can add up to the price of a designer item). But if you do get the urge to shop, remember that nobody on campus will find you any less stylish if you stay within a reasonable budget.

Megan Taylor Hartenstein is an English major and Women's Studies minor at the University of California, Davis. Give her something to write with, and she'll create a masterpiece. While she loves journalism and writing short stories, her dream is to become a television or film writer. Megan is a proud feminist, and loves to incorporate feminist principles in everything she writes.       
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