4 Resources to Jump-Start Your Career

There comes a time in every undergrad’s college career that produces the anxiety-inducing realization of “I have no idea what I’m going to do with my life.” The job market can be vicious and overcrowded, and having an undergraduate degree without any experience just doesn’t cut it in today’s society. Internships and networking sound easy enough, but having the resources to make those connections can be tricky, and political. However, a multitude of online resources have been created to aid you in actively thinking about your career path and all the steps along the way to reach your professional destination.


If you are interested in getting to know which parts of your brain work best, this website is packed with neuroscience games that analyze and explain your personal skill set as it relates to the work world, and even directs you to career options that may lead you to success. Users are encouraged to upload their resume and fill out contact information so that companies can access your game results, and recruit you for professional positions.

My Next Move

What’s great about this website is that it helps users explore career paths on three basic levels. For those who know exactly what they would like to do, you can search by keyword. Those who know what field they would like to work in, but are unaware of what positions to apply for can search by industry. Finally, for those who have no idea what they want to do for a future career, there is a quick assessment that notes your greatests interests, and makes suggestions off of those personal preferences. The resource lists tasks to complete to secure a position, required skills, salary information, and employment demand for over 900 careers.

Campus Job

This online resource is great because after setting up a profile with your resume, personal interests, and educational background, the program presents companies and businesses that are seeking interns or employees. The best part? After spotting an opportunity that interests you, it is only one click away from applying. Campus Job also sends updates of job postings via email, so you never have to worry about missing out on what could be the perfect internship.

After College

This final resource helps recent graduates by providing information that can seem like common sense, but can in reality, be quite unfamiliar to young hopefuls in the real world. Things like how to negotiate salary, how to structure a strong resume and cover letter, or even what to wear to an interview can be reviewed. There is even a career-based blog that visits a wide range of topics that will surely motivate you to pursue the best job for you.