4 Documentaries You Must Watch

As a documentary junkie, I’ve watched my fair share of really good films as well as terribly narrated ones. While it is fun to take a break from reality and watch rom-coms or your classic Disney movie, you might take some time to watch one of the following amazing documentaries.

1. Desert Wallflower

This documentary is by far one of the most powerful ones I’ve watched. It documents the journey of a small girl in Somalia, who after being forcibly circumcised makes her way to the United States and eventually becomes a famous supermodel. Although she comes from a terrifyingly sad background, the movie focuses on her growth and her eventual contributions back to the events that almost took her life.

2. Lifetime Documentaries

Although often poorly casted, Lifetime documentaries will be sure to keep you on your toes. Mostly centered around real life crime events, these corny yet true depictions can give you a good laugh as well as show you how twisted some minds really are…

3. India's Daughter

Be careful, this film will be sure to make you cry! Based off a tragically sad rape and murder case in India, this documentary shows the outrage and retaliation the country of India faced following the death of a young girl. This documentary is definitely not something to watch if you’re in a great mood. I’d suggest taking deep breaths while watching this and following up with something more uplifting.

4. #chicagoGirl: The Social Media Takes on a Dictator

This documentary follows a girl in Chicago, who uses Twitter tries to help those stuck in Syria. Through the use of social media, she helps gather those who are interested and create a united front to help those in less than fortunate situations in Syria. The documentary also focuses on her relationship with three specific friends in Syria, which helps to add more personal storylines.

All of the following documentaries should be worth watching at least once. If anything, it will help increase your knowledge and potentially give you a different view on issues you didn’t have before.  

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