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3 Quick Tips on Dealing with Davis’ Spring Showers

Looking out the window, you see the sun peeking through the blooming flowers in the trees and think to yourself: today is finally the day I can wear sandals and my off-the-shoulder top. As you finally dress and rush out the door, the sky is overcast and it starts drizzling. 

After four years of living in Davis, I have become familiar with the unpredictability of Davis weather. One moment the sun can be shining, while in the next, the wind fiercely starts blowing and it will become overcast. As seen over the past few weeks, Davis has witnessed some chilly spring showers, which can become a burden if you’re not fully prepared and are stuck on campus for the rest of the day. Here are some of my tips on how you can deal with this year’s spring showers. 

1. Always walk out the door with a jacket — preferably a weather-proof one. 

Even if you’re one that does not get cold easily, if you sometimes stay on campus past 5 p.m., temperatures start to cool down by that time. Better safe than sorry!

2. Booties are your new best friend.

During the colder months, booties are my favorite accessory — not only do they give any outfit a clean-cut look, but they are also warmer in comparison to wearing shoes made out of canvas. Booties especially come in handy if it is initially gloomy and as you predicted, and it ends up raining!

3. When in doubt, leave your umbrella inside your backpack.

There have been times when I see that the weather is fairly sunny and think to myself, why did I even bother carrying my umbrella today? Okay, I admit that sometimes I forget to take my umbrella out of my backpack but sometimes that mistake is a life saver. If the weather looks questionable, an umbrella is your best bet against being caught off-guard by the weather. 

Stay dry, collegiettes!

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Dianna is a fourth year English Major and is minoring in Education at the University of California, Davis. She enjoys going out for runs and being outdoors when the weather permits. 
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