25 Thoughts You Have About Last Night

I remember walking into the club like...

Making eye contact with that cute person walking in.

I need a wingman...

But then my friends were like...

And dancing was so fun!

Class is cancelled tomorrow, so I can drink tonight, right?

I'm getting better at hitting on strangers.

That person at the bar was so rude.

Hey, at least my hookup was cute...

He asked for my number, so why isn’t he texting me?

He was not the one.

Oh my god, why did I drink that much?

And why did I sober up so quickly? 

(After memories come in flashes) I can’t believe I did that...

When did I write that text post??

I can never face him/her again.

But that other thing was so much fun!

Let me check if I drunk texted or called anyone...

Oh god I hope I didn’t throw up...

How did I get home?

At least I looked hot last night.

Wait, stop tagging me in photos where I look horrible.

I’m never wearing those heels again.

And I’m never going to drink again.

That was so much fun. See you at the bars!