22 Struggles of Poli Sci and IR Majors at UCD

International Relations and Political Science are two of the largest majors on campus, but they are not without their struggles.

1.        When you finally read Katy Pattison's IR Listserv.

2.        When people in your Poli Sci class read up on the news every day, but you're not even sure what they're talking about.

3.        Or that person sitting in the front who always argues political philosophy with the professor.

4.        Sitting though the History classes you never expected to take, then searching JSTOR and AJPS for articles.  

5.        Going to the International House for events.

6.        All of your classes are in Olson and Wellman. Sometimes back to back, in the same room.

7.        Doing those surveys and research experiments for the 1% extra credit in your Poli Sci class.

8.        Asking yourself if you REALLY want to be a lawyer.

9.        "I used to be Track 2, but I switched to Track 4. But I think I'm going to switch to Track 1."

10.        Making it through POL 51.

11.        Max Weber is inescapable.

12.        You can quote "Civilization and Its Discontents" in your sleep.

13.        When you realize how lucky you are to have never experienced war or human rights abuses first-hand.

14.        How much more interesting all your Poli Sci classes became when the government shut down. 

15.        "So which language(s) are you studying?"

16.        "Did you just say you HAVEN'T been abroad?"

17.        Between ASUCD, the UC Sacramento Program, UCDC, the Garamendi Campaign, and local orgs, you'll probably score a great internship by the time you graduate. But, it's never paid.

18.        Politicians are your celebrities.

19.        You procrastinate with Veep, Parks and Rec, Game of Thrones, and House of Cards.

20.        Your friends have midterms every other day during week 5-7, but yours are ALL on the same Monday morning.

21.        You only want to take Western European politics for Professor Adams, or Eastern European politics for Professor Andrews.

22.        Your friends graduate and immediately move to another country, because all of us have wanderlust.