14 Thoughts We Have while Biking in the Wind

1. Did Katy Perry conceive the opening line of “Firework” when she was riding her bike on a windy day?

I think she did. And to answer your question Katy, yes I do.

2. WOAH WATCH IT, ANONYMOUS CAR. I can’t help that I’m involuntarily drifting in and out of the bike lane.

3. Jeez, this wind is making my eyes water. The last time I teared up like this was when I went to see Big Hero 6.


4. If I fall and die, I hope my roommates tell my parents that I love them and that the “super cool” helmet they bought me magically evaporated.

5. How can I be this hot and cold at the same time?

…does Katy Perry control the wind?

6. My legs are moving, so why is my bike not moving? Ugh I am so winded.

7. If I go any slower, I’m going to be late to class. Must. Pedal. Harder.

8. When you take a turn, and the wind is now assisting your speed…

0 to 100 real quick.

9. Not sure if that was a bug or pollen that just got in my eye. Maybe it was a bug covered in pollen?! I can’t see out of my left eye. My blind spot just tripled in difficulty, as did the amount of tears I have cried today.

At least I’m halfway blind to the haters.

10. There should be a bicycle that pedals itself... wait...

11. If I had an umbrella right now I would peace out Mary Poppins style.

12. My hair...

13. Why do I even need all these gears? They're not helping at all.

14. Why didn't I take the bus?

When you’re biking through the six with your woes, just remember…. baby, you’re a firework