14 Things You'll Understand If You're a Sociology Major

Ah, Sociology majors: the underappreciated, progressive thinkers and doers of our society. So beneficial to people and institutions, yet never given the credit that we deserve! We're perfect, right?

Well, ok… we may have some faults. Does bugging your friends about how you can sociologically deconstruct whatever (movie, action, event, anything) you're talking about ring a bell? I'll admit, for as lovable as we are, we still have our distinct quirks. Read below to see how much of a Soc major you really are!

1. Everything you encounter in your life is quickly followed by an internal dialogue about why that thing is: socially constructed, perpetuated by institutions, or aiding in the degradation of society (choose one).

2. Everything is socially constructed and you must tell the world why.

3. Every movie or current issue MUST be sociologically deconstructed.

4. Every movie is basically ruined for you.

5. All of your classes have equipped you with the knowledge that the world is majorly f***ed up.

6. …And life is now ruined because of how f***ed up the world is.

7. You refer to everyone by "they/their" even if you previously did not feel inclined to do so.

8. All of your friends hate you because you constantly tell them about how (insert literally anything here) is socially constructed.

9. Gender is constructed.

10. Race is constructed.


12. Anyone who disagrees with #9-11 is annoying and MUST be set straight.

13. You constantly talk about how institutional racism is eroding things like the workplace, yet know that the problem will persist.

14. And, although your major is super important in theory… you don't know what you’re going to do with it post-graduation.

Okay, so we have our distinctive traits… but, we're still amazing regardless of our overly-pessimistic and jaded knowledge of the world! Thank you to all of the people who actively try to improve our society, whether or not you're a Sociology major!

Cover image source: Pexels