13 Things Twins are Tired of Hearing

I am a twin. I love being a twin, and I can really never grow tired of my sister. What I have grown tired of, however, is the myriad of responses to my existence as a twin that I hear every single time people figure out that my sister and I are twins. It’s actually surprising how similar everyone’s responses are, seeing that hundreds—thousands, maybe—have noticed that my sister and I are twins. So, before you blurt out a typical response, read below to find out what not to say to a twin.

1.  "Who was born first?"

2. "Oh my gosh golly, I thought I was seeing double!"

3. "Did you two ever switch places in class?"

4. "Did you two ever take each others' tests?"

5. "Who's the evil twin?"

6. "Who's the good-looking twin?"

7. "So were you two born on the same day?"

8. "Which one are you?"

9. "Aw, why aren't you two wearing the same clothes?"

10. "So, do you take the exact same subjects and everything?"

11. "What does it feel like being a twin?"

12. "Do you guys have mind powers or something?"

13. "Double trouble!"

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