10 Words The English Language is Missing

1. A male version of the word “Slut”

If women are going to be reprimanded and negatively labeled for behavior all genders participate in, then there should be a word that categorizes males in the same way.

2. A female version of the word “Stud”

Why do guys get all the fun of being praised for slaying in the bedroom?


3. A commonly used word for consensual sex

If consensual sex is talked about more casually in conversation, then it will become more significant and an important discussed factor regarding sex. By actively normalizing consensual sex, it promotes healthy experiences and makes consent a main factor. Perhaps, “We had great consexual last night!!”

4. A word for just wanting to be friends with someone besides the friendzone

This word has come to imply that nice guys deserve the girl but she thinks she is better and rejects him. It’s an excuse for someone to put the blame on the rejecter when there’s nothing wrong with just wanting to be friends. Sure, it hurts in the moment, but you can’t control the feelings of others. Also, this word takes away from the value of friendship -- an equally important and loving relationship.


5. A word or phrase similar to “No Worries”

Sometimes you don’t mind doing something but it’s not completely without worries or it shakes up your plans a little. It’s not a huge deal, but you want to let the other person know that it’s not empty of worries. How about, “No huge issue dude”?

6. A word with less shaming than crazy when describing people

Crazy literally means, “mentally deranged.” I am tired of this word being aimed at females who are not actually “mentally deranged” and are just people certain individuals do not get along with. Besides often being sexist, "crazy" also has been used to insult people with actual mental health issues.  

7. A definitive meaning of “Hook Up” and the different levels to this

“We hooked up.” Did you kiss for 30 seconds or full on have sex? I feel weird asking you to elaborate on that. Someone needs to create a scale of words that are more casual than the actual action of what you did, while still giving the listener a clear idea of what happened.


8. A word for when you actually make it to class but didn’t listen to anything

This happens to me far too often. I’ll walk out of class feeling good that I showed up, but then start to think about what I learned and I’ll come up blank and realize that I didn’t listen to a single word.

9. A word for someone you see everywhere everyday, but have never actually spoken to

Everyone has someone on campus like this. They’re in one of your discussions and then the next quarter you make eye contact in the lecture hall. You start to see them at the Coho and on the one random day you decide to brave the library, there they are. You’ve never spoken, but an absurd amount of eye contact has been made, but there’s no good reason to approach the other person at this point.


10. A word to describe the online pattern where you start with the woman in your discussion class and end up on the profile of the best friend of the ex of your best friend from 3rd grade

We’re all guilty of this. I have wasted hours, even days, trolling around Facebook and Instagram looking at the pictures of people I have never met and probably never will meet. I want a word that allows one to easily let others know that they have dived down deep into the internet depths and need help escaping. “Hey, want to hang out? I’ve just spent two hours profile diving and I need real human contact.”


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