10 Ways to Stay Warm in Davis This Winter

Who ever said that California was supposed to be cold, too?! If you live in Davis (which seems to weirdly be the most temperature-fluctuating place in the world), you know that nights and days are hand-numbingly cold - and I'm definitely not exaggerating. To fight this, here are the ten best ways I've found to stay warm this winter:

1. Drink something warm like hot chocolate, tea, or coffee.

Warming up your insides is key to keeping your entire body warm. Also, holding a warm drink keeps your hands toasty.

2. Watch something scary.

Fun fact: When you are scared, your heart rate rises, which makes you warmer.

3. Wear a beanie

You lose a lot of your body heat through your head, so covering it is a necessity. Bonus: this hides your unwashed hair.

4. Start thinking about post-grad life.

The stress of this should warm you right up!

5. Put a hot water bottle in your bed.

These are good for pre-warming your bed before you go to sleep. Also, you can keep reusing the water, making them environmentally friendly!

6. Eat some spicy food.

This could also help clear your sinuses from those awful winter sicknesses.

7. Get fuzzy socks.

These will keep you warm, plus fuzzy socks are just awesome in general.

8. Wear mittens.

This is especially important for those who are brave enough to bike in the cold. You need warm fingers to be able to steer and navigate in the rain without crashing.

9. Layer your clothing

While it can be insanely cold and wet outside, sometimes the heating gets put on full blast in the classrooms, making it necessary to have a few shirts under your heavy coats.

10. Buy a heated blanket and don't get out from under it until winter quarter is over.

Heated blankets are a must-have for those cold Davis nights (...and days in bed!). Be sure not to let any of your roommates borrow it - you'll never see it again!

Cover image source: Unsplash