10 UC Davis Facebook Groups You Should Join

Welcome back Aggies for another year of cows, squirrels, bikes, broken umbrellas, and my favorite, Shah's Halal food.  Everyone is probably an expert of what this campus has to offer, but one resource we tend to forget about is the UC Davis Facebook groups! There are tons that are dedicated to books, furniture, clothes, ride shares, etc. To make it easier for you I compiled a list of some of the most useful groups!

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Pets Lost and Found Davis CA:

Okay, so this is the one group that isn't really exclusive to only UC Davis, but still very important to be a part of! It is platform which owners can post if they have a missing animal and as well for the community to post if they find lost animals.

UC Davis Ride Sharing:

Here people can look for rides or offer to give rides. This is helpful for if someone is driving/or looking to go to places such as SoCal, San Jose, Berkeley, to the airport, or anywhere else. 


We all know textbooks are expensive, so to save some money, make some money, or even get rid of some books this is the perfect place. (Tip! Search for the specific textbook you're looking for by using the search bar on the left!)

UC Davis PDF Sharing:

If you don't want to buy your textbook and also like having it on a smart device then the PDF share group is there for you! Here people can share and ask others if they have pdfs of textbooks.

Clothing and Accessories:

I remember I would spend so long scrolling through this group freshman year... This group is dedicated to selling and buying "clothing and accessories." It's a fun way of shopping by buying clothes that aren't as expensive compared to in store or making some money of your own.

Furniture: Free & For Sale:

Buying new things is so overrated, especially as college students. This group is perfect in finding all the furniture appliances you need and selling furniture you don't need anymore! Keep in mind that the group becomes pretty hectic towards the end of spring quarter and the end of August when everyone is trying to move out and get rid of their stuff (hence a really good time to get furniture for cheap and even free).


What if you can't get that dining set or sofa because you don't have a vehicle to transport it? This group is dedicated to finding someone who is able to help transport such big items. If you have a vehicle that could transport then you can offer your services on there as well to make some money or just to be a Good Samaritan.

Davis Lost and Found:

If you ever lose anything or find something then this is the perfect group to go to.  From ID cards to lost keys or water bottles. A lot of times students post an item they found and where they turned it into (like the MU lost and found or UCD police station).

Free & For Sale:

This group is for buying and selling items. This can include textbooks, furniture, bikes, electronics, and even food sometimes. There are around 35,000 members for this group, so there are many opportunities to buy or sell.


This is a useful group for finding a place to live! Here you can look for roommates, housemates, or taking on someone's lease. Although there are many Facebook groups out there dedicated to finding housing this one has the most members at around 21,000.

Cover Photo Source: Pixabay