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10 Times Raven Was the Best Part of This Season’s Bachelor

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCD chapter.

While she may not be the expected winner, Raven certainly has not been the most controversial woman on the show. She has kept us entertained from her first moments on camera to her most recent appearance dancing in the Finnish snow. In preparation for the season finale, here are some of the best Raven moments!

1. When she said: “I will punch a shark in the face if it gets close to me, and if the other two girls get eaten today, I’ll definitely be in the running to get the rose.”

2. Or at the haunted house, when she says she will rebuke ghosts “in the name of Jesus”.

3. When she was the only one still trying to play volleyball and seemed genuinely confused as to why everyone else was so upset.

4. On the hometown date, when she plays a prank on Nick and gets her brother to fake arrest him, and keeps a straight face the whole time.

5. When she was the most relatable in her awkward moments.

6. When she was maybe not the best at darts.

7. But definitely the best at puns.

8. When she told her mom how happy she was.

9. Or just anytime she’s so unabashedly gleeful like this: 

10. Or this:

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Madeline is a fourth year English and History double major at UC Davis. She is currently devoting significant amounts of her time to an honors thesis on modernist poetry. But when she does have free time, she spends it going on long runs, watching historically based dramas, and trying to be a better cook.
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