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10 Things You Get Away With Because You’re Best Friends

1.     You Snapchat her the most unflattering pictures of yoursef.

2.     You can honestly admit you can’t afford something sometimes and know she’ll step in.

Even when she asks you where all of your paycheck went.

3.     You secretly start hitting the gym more often after you realize she looks really good from her workouts. It’s not a competition—both of you need to look hot, together!

4.     You give the worst advice sometimes.

Or sometimes you just shush her altogether.

5.     When she’s about to interrogate or lecture you, you go in for the hug.

But you start yours before she has time to think.

6.     You use the “Aren’t I your best friend?” speech to convince her of something.

7.     You talk about someone you don’t like and when she agrees you act like it’s a coincidence when really, it was all you.

8.     You start crying the moment you’re about to tell her when something’s wrong and catch her completely off guard.

9.     You call her out for Facebook stalking a guy, but defend yourself when you do the same.

10.  You force her to dance with you…at home.

And at the end of it all, you know it’s okay because she’s your one and only best friend, and you have each other’s backs no matter what.

Tammy is an English and creative writing major and journalism minor at the University of California, Davis. Her love for writing comes from blogging about fun college experiences and creating her own fictional stories. In her spare time, she enjoys tinkering with her violin and guitar, watching reruns of Gossip Girl on Netflix, and fangirling over boy bands. 
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