10 Summer Things to Look Forward To

It's the final stretch, Aggies! Summer break is upon us, and there's a lot to look forward to. This simple list is just the beginning of the adventures to be had over the coming months. My question for you is, how are you going to make the most of summer 2015?

1.     Live MusicMusical festivals and concerts are plentiful in Northern California this summer, so don’t miss your chance to see some of your favorite artists! If you have extra money to spend, San Francisco’s annual Outside Lands Festival has a stellar line-up this year. Another one of the biggest shows to be heading our way is Taylor Swift’s “1989 World Tour" at Levi’s Stadium August 14th and 15th. We're ready to “Shake it off” because dancing like you don’t care who’s watching never goes “Out of Style.”

2.      Catching the Travel BugHead out on the road with friends and check some places off your wanderlust list. Celebrate Disneyland’s 60th diamond anniversary with a trip to the happiest place on Earth, or plan the vacation of a lifetime with that trip to Europe you’ve been dreaming about. For those short on time and money, daytrips or weekend trips to small coastal towns, the mountains, and cities in the Bay Area are excellent options to feel like you’re getting your recommended dose of exploration. 

3.     Summer LoveDear pessimists, don't rule it out! You never know what could happen, or whom you will cross paths with on your summer adventures. Keep your mind and eyes open! 

4.    Watching the Newest BlockbustersFrom the star-studded cast in Aloha (May 29th) to Channing Tatum's body in Magic Mike XXL (July 1), it’s sure to be a hot summer at the box office.

5.      Throwing or Attending a BarbecueThe sights and smells of a barbeque with family and friends is the #1 thing I associate with this time of year. Nothing can beat corn on the cob, potato salad, hamburgers, hot dogs, and juicy watermelon on a warm summer night. Dig in! 

6.      Visiting the Great OutdoorsWhether you’re focused on getting fit or want to explore your inner thrill seeker, getting outside is a great way to achieve both! Skydiving may or may not be on your bucket list, but going on a hike or camping with friends can be just as freeing and exhilarating.

7.      Hiding Indoors with the AC On those blistering hot summer days that Davis is infamously known for, pick up a fun book to read as you cool down like, “A Hundred Summers,” by Beatriz Williams, or start a new DIY project. Check sites like Pinterest and Youtube for craft ideas!

8.      Living in your BikiniWe all have those days in summer, or even weeks, where we don’t wear normal clothes at all. Our skin and hair may reek of suntan lotion and chlorine, but we love it all the same. 

9.       Basking in Your New FreedomThere is no joy comparable to not constantly worrying about midterms, papers, or reading. For those of you in summer school, don’t worry, your time will come.

10.     Pursuing Endless PossibilitiesIf you want to light a bonfire with all your schoolwork, you can. If you want to eat Otter Pops in your underwear, you can. If you want to sleep until noon, you can. Summer 2015 will be what you make of it! So when it finally begins, don’t forget to enjoy every moment during these few months.