The 10 Stages of Reading Horoscopes

Horoscopes got us like:

1. Okay, yes, I am definitely optimistic and love to give hugs.

2. Yes. That’s it! I am totally affectionate.

3. True… I do see how being super affectionate can make me emotionally vulnerable sometimes.

4. Wow, how did they know I’m currently going through a heartbreak?!

5. So, according to this, there is a light at the end of every tunnel…

6. And the tunnel I'm currently in is coming to an end…

7. Therefore, there is a big surprise coming my way next week that will turn my frown upside down?! FINALLY!!! I LOVE YOU ASTROLOGY, I HAVE NEVER DOUBTED YOU EVER.

8. Wait a second... (frowns) I was reading the wrong sign’s horoscope this whole time?!

9. (Checks own horoscope (The right one this time)).

10. And... It says my big mouth is going to cause me some major public humiliation in the very near future? That’s ridiculous; this isn’t true, and astrology isn’t even accurate anyways…