10 Movies to Get You through Finals Week

With the daunting task of finals week looming ahead, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and stressed. So when life feel really heavy and you feel like you need a break or just a couple hours to yourself to have a laugh or escape the stress of school, grab a comfy pillow and pop some popcorn to kick back and relax to one of these movies. 


Office Space

If you’re ever feeling confined in the monotony of life, this 1999 comedy is perfect for you. Starring Ron Livingston and Jennifer Aniston, Office Space is about three software engineers who turn against their greedy corporate bosses. Hysterically funny, you will find yourself rolling your eyes at the cringy bosses while cheering on the downtrodden employees. Sound like a familiar tale? 

In Bruges

During the weeks leading up to and into finals, it’s really easy to feel trapped and stuck in one place. When I feel this way, I love to watch In Bruges, a perfect dark comedy to lighten your mood. In Bruges is about two hit men who are stuck in the small boring town, Bruges, while awaiting instructions from their boss. Full of witty dialogues and clever jokes, In Bruges will immediately take you out of that finals slumber and immerse you in a comical situation.

The Wedding Singer

Ever feel like you missed out on the 80’s? Well, look no further as this film will definitely transport back to that time. Starring the iconic duo Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler, this hidden gem is the cutest romantic comedy to get you through anything.  


Almost Famous

Another 1999 classic, Almost Famous transports you to the music scene of the 70’s. When an aspiring journalist and dorky teenager gets the chance to go on tour to write about an up and coming band, he not only does so, but also begins to make friends and connections along the way that shape him. Full of hysterical scenes and perfect quotes, Almost Famous will make you laugh and cry while reminding you of the beauty of life, friendship, and music.


I mean, Kristen Wiig really delivered with this comedy classic, and although I feel like most people will have seen it, it never fails to make me laugh and put me in a good mood.

Little Miss Sunshine

This quirky, indie movie is the definition of a feel good movie. When a little girl gets a spot in a beauty pageant, her dysfunctional family goes on a road trip, so she can fulfill her dream of being a pageant queen. Full of ups and downs, this movie captures the essence of family while also not taking itself too seriously.


Wildly entertaining and full of intersecting storylines, Snatch will engross you in its clever dialogue and intricate story. Set in London, an unlicensed boxer gets caught up with a ruthless crime boss to start a hilarious and bloody chain of events.

Hot Fuzz

As a big fan of dark humor, I couldn’t resist giving a spot to this movie. A comical spin on the classical zombie movie, Hot Fuzz pokes fun at the common tropes of zombie movies while keeping it light and humorous with just enough gore. Full of that lovely British sarcasm, I promise this one won’t disappoint!  


13 Going on 30

Jennifer Garner? Mark Ruffalo? Need I say more? It might be a bit cheesy and girly, however, I beg of you not to write this film off. Full of heart and incredibly fun, 13 Going on 30 will fill that little hole in your heart. Do I really need to sell it anymore?

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Need an escape and want a bit of a laugh? Look no further, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is guaranteed to satisfy. Set in Los Angeles, this murder mystery brings together a private eye, struggling actress, and thief. A perfect blend of action, comedy, and crime with wild twists and turns, this film will take you on an entertaining ride. So forget about your worries for a bit and curl up for an entertaining watch!