YouTubers Who Cover Crime and Conspiracy Theories


Hooray! Summer break is almost upon us or for some already is, this means that you may have a little more time to spare. If this is true then chances are that you might get bored and not know what to do sometimes or you are just staying up late; but what to do at 1am? This may not be for all of you guys but it is definitely worth checking out, I am going to recommend that you check out some of my favorite conspiracy theorists/ crime channels on YouTube. This is a pretty dark side of YouTube, but I love learning and becoming informed, of course not everything on the internet is true, so just be careful with what you watch. To keep you guys on the safe side, I am going to share some of my favorite female YouTube channels to watch regarding these topics.


Kendall Rae  

(Photo by Kendall Rae on Instagram)


Kendall Rae began her channel doing makeup tutorials, but quickly found that her true passions were conspiracy theories and crime. On Kendall’s channel you can find anything from conspiracy theories about aliens to zodiac signs and crime videos about murders and missing people. I feel like I learn a lot from Kendall’s channel because she puts time into doing her research in order to give her viewers the most accurate information. I believe that one of the most important videos she puts out are the missing persons, this is because she sometimes works with the missing person’s family to get all possible information out in order to help their loved one return home to them. Kendall also works with Thorn, an organization that focuses on combating human trafficking, especially of children; she helps raise money for the organization in order to help keep it operating. Kendall and her husband also have a podcast, The Mile Higher, where they discuss anything from the supernatural world to current events. I definitely recommend Kendall's channel for a good time.


Isabella Fiori


(Photo by Isabella Fiori on Instagram)


Isabella Fiori brings a mix to her channel, she posts crime videos, mostly unsolved murders, and makeup tutorials. Bella brings in various theories into videos that some people say could have happened. The murderers Bella covers come from all over the world, but she adds a couple more videos that from her side of the world, she lives in Australia. Bella as she likes to be called, also posts missing persons videos in hopes of getting their story out into the public and helping them get back home. The series Bella has is called “Mystery Mondays”, which just means that she posts on her non-makeup crime related videos on Mondays.


Stephanie Harlowe


(Photo by Stephanie Harlowe on Instagram)


Stephanie bring so much to the crime side of YouTube, she has three different segments in which she discusses crimes, “Coffee and Crime”, “Mystery Monday” and “Wine and Crime Time.” Stephanie’s passionate dedication and consistency has earned her a reputation as a credible and interactive crime commentator. What really makes her videos stand out is her attention and accuracy to details. Stephanie also reviews documentaries that come out about crimes. I agree that Stephanie pays very close attention to detail, her videos are often long, but that just means she did in depth research and is getting out accurate and as much information out as possible; she also is not afraid to add her opinions on the case and what she believes happened.


Why Crime and Conspiracy Videos?


Some may find it strange that I suggest you watch YouTubers who dedicate their channels to talking about missing people, murders, and conspiracy theories. It can be a strange hobby to have, but I feel like not only is it important to support women who are involved in a world that seems to be dominated by men, it is also important to stay aware of the world around us. You never know, one of this missing people could be in your city or from your city, which means that you need to be careful just in case they happen to be abducted. It is also just important to put names out there, many of these people who have murdered or gone missing still have no killer or want to be at home with their loved ones again; there can be deeper things to these stories, such as human trafficking. Therefore, putting a face and a name out in the public can help bring justice to the many innocent lives who have affected.