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YouTube Celebs on the Rise

YouTube was founded in February of 2005 and it has since become an Internet sensation. What made YouTube such a popular video upload site? Random people get to upload personal videos and store them online. Also, people from different countries were able to view your videos. As YouTube became larger, they started offering paid partnerships. This meant that the more subscribers (people who follow your video uploads) and channel/video views you receive, the more money YouTube pays you. Now, in 2012, there are numerous YouTube partners who live solely off making videos and posting them on YouTube. These “YouTube celebrities” are now leading the charge for a new generation of celebrities. These celebrities include rappers, comedians, actors and chefs. Whenever you are bored at home or waiting for your next class, you should check out some YouTube celebrities’ videos. I have composed a short list of a couple of famous YouTubers you should check out. 


YouTube Channel Name: TimothyDeLaGhetto2
Subscribers: 1,221,071
 Channel Link:  ttp://www.YouTube.com/ user/timothydelaghetto2 b=4&feature=results_main  
Classification: comedian, actor, rapper, fashion, and performer
Traphik rose to YouTube fame by rapping. He released a remix to Estelle’s American Boy song called Your First Asian Boy. That song took fight on YouTube and captured fame for him. Soon he started gaining subscribers. Once he had a steady fan base, Traphik started intergrating humor into his videos.  He is now recognized as one of the most famous YouTube rappers and comedians.



Prank Vs. Prank

YouTube Channel Name: Prank Vs Prank
Subscribers: 790,000
Channel Link: http://www.YouTube .com /user/prankvsprank? ob=4&feature=results_main 
Classification: Pranks, Comedy

A couple that has been together for about six years runs this channel. They love pranking each other and one day they decided to record and upload one of their pranks. To their surprise, the Internet viewers loved their pranks. Now they started to record every prank they do.


Wong Fu Productions

YouTube Channel Name: Wong Fu
Subscribers:  1,200,000
Channel Link: http://www.YouTube.com/user/WongFuProductions?feature=pvchclk
Classifications: Short films, Movies, Comedy, Drama
This channel is created by a group of guys that love filming videos with a passion. They started filming in high school and borrowing their teacher’s cameras for better video quality. These videos were uploaded to YouTube and soon many Internet viewers became subscribed to their channel. They continued their filming passion, and now their full time job is filming movies for YouTube.


Be Fit

YouTube Channel Name: Be Fit
Subscribers: 22,000
Channel Link: http://www.YouTube.com/user/BeFit?feature=watch
Classifications: Fitness for women and men

YouTube created this channel, and it is all about fitness. Who wants to pay two hundred dollars for P90X or Insanity when they can get all of the same workouts on YouTube? This channel has a large variety of workouts and routines for both men and women. They have even created playlists for each targeted muscle group. Be Fit is a great way to get that beach body you’ve been wanting just in time for the summer.

Its Judy Time

YouTube Channel Name: ItsJudyTime
Subscribers: 301,000
Channel Link: http://www.YouTube.com/user/itsjudytime?feature=watch
Classification: Makeup Tutorial/ Guru

Judy is one of the more well known YouTube makeup gurus. She started by imitating how celebrities would do their makeup. Many girls turn to her for makeup advice. There are makeup tutorial videos for different events like clubbing, fancy parties, and more. She is definitely worth subscribing to if you want makeup advice.

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