The Young Justice Reboot is Everything Fans Wanted and More


In 2015 I managed to binge Young Justice, a show that revolved around Robin, Kid Flash, Superboy, Miss Martian, Artemis, and a bunch of other young heroes on Netflix in less than a week. Then to mydisappointment, I realized that like the Teen Titans, Young Justice had also been discontinued.


Fortunately, in 2016 DC announced that the series would be rebooted with the same creators, and it would be available to those who had a DC Universe Subscription.


On January 4th, 2019, the first three episodes of the 3rd season of Young Justice were put on the DC Universe website. Because I’m a fan of Titans and anything involving Dick Grayson, I already had a DC Universe subscription and watched them immediately. Early on, I knew I was not going to be disappointed.


*Spoilers Ahead*


Starting off with the topic of “meta-human” trafficking, the show alludes to a problem in the real world,human trafficking. It shines its own light on the subject. The heroes have all rallied up in different teams in order to help fight the problem, but 13 episodes in, things have already gotten a lot more complicated. The humor is a lot darker and there are plenty of intense fighting scenes as the show is not held back by Cartoon Network or parents.


Besides the ridiculously good plot of the show, a lot of previous fan favorites and new ones have emerged. If you’ve never seen Billy Batson depicted as being older than 10 years old  you will now.


(Photo courtesy of DC Universe)


The new characters introduced are also extremely likable and each one has their own quirks and unique abilities. Brion is a hot flame (quite literally), who reacts aggressively to situations, much like Connor Kent at the beginning of the series. It’s often mentioned how similar the two are, and even Connor seems to agree with the idea as he takes Brion under his wing after he gains his powers through his meta-human activate.  


Forager is a creature from another planet who is escaping death. The way he adapts to Earth culture makes him fun to watch and listen to. He quickly get attached to the other heros, especially Brion and Violet, and calls them part of his nest


(Photo courtesy of DC Universe)


Then there is Violet, a superhero who wears a hijab and is immortal. Violet is an incredible character who quickly gains the affection of Artemis’ and the viewers. A victim of meta-human trafficking herself, Violet is trained by Dick, Aretemis, and Connor. Along with Brion and Forager, they  create this trio of heroes that are willing to do anything to help.


(Photo courtesy of DC Universe)


Besides the new characters, it’s nice to see how the characters that have been present from season one progressively age and how their relationships change. For instance, M’gann and Connor’s relationship.ow that they’re a lot older, they have a relationship that would make any original fans happy. Dick and Barbara's relationship has also come to light in the show, and although she doesn’t come to missions, she’s still his other half through their communication devices.

There are probably hundreds of other things I could say about this show, but the most important thing is that these characters and their storylines are attention grabbing and heart hitting. It’s the same universe as before, and there is a lot more creative freedom for the writers and animators, giving viewers the season that we’ve been waiting for. Remember to support Young Justice season three by subscribing to DC Universe (or mooching off a friend’s account).