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Hello lovelies, I am back with another installment of Yay or Nay, Grid edition. The grid print is such a sharp pattern, it has more character than stripes but is less busy than plaid. This pattern can be crafted as playful or sophisticated.  

I personally think grid is rather easy to pair with solids. Any plain outfit can be transformed with switching an item with a grid printed piece. The overall outfit just  looks so chic. Grid is definitely a great everyday wear, its fun for the day looks and night looks too!

Here are some grid looks:


And here’s my take on this grid print:

Grid top: ThriftedShoes: ThriftedBlack Jeans: OU35 mm Camera: Thrifted

As always, is this grid trend a Yay or Nay for you? Also, feel free to comment how you would wear grid printed clothing or post your looks below! 

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Elizabeth Duong

UC Riverside

Hello! I am Elizabeth, a senior Neuroscience major at UC Riverside. A few things I fancy: photography, fashion, and thrift stores. Find me on other social medias: http://postcardsfromliz.blogspot.com/ and on YouTube: user - postcardsfromliz. 
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