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Now that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have officially won the 2020 Presidential Election, new information about who will be running certain positions in their administration has been released.  If you haven’t been updated yet, they have selected an all womxn led communications team that works in the White House side by side with the president, vice president, and first lady. 

The Office of White House Communications is a powerful and important job in the White House. For the first time in history, womxn will weigh in on every important decision in the White House. They will be advising the president on how to improve his agenda for different aspects of America, such as healthcare, immigration, and education. These womxn will be the voice for the administration heard by the U.S. and other leaders in the world. Symone Sanders, Elizabeth Alexander, Ashley Etienne, Karine Jean Pierre, and Pili Tobar were the five womxn selected to work in this office that come from experienced, well-educated, and diverse backgrounds. 

Biden has also suggested that womxn will be working in other prominent positions. He is expected to announce Janet Yellen to become the first womxn treasury secretary. This position is the top advisor for dealing with economic issues in America. He continues to give his list of other womxn he is considering for other positions, but they have yet to be confirmed. 

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For so long, white men in America have dominated politics. White men make up a majority of members in Congress and make up a majority of those holding powerful positions. 44 out of the 45 presidents in the U.S. have been white men and we still have yet to see a female president. It’s even more frustrating that men have the most influential voice when dealing with legislation about womxn’s health. They get a say about maternity leave. They get a say about womxn’s clinics. They get a say about abortion and birth control. It’s infuriating that these male politicians speak on womxn’s health issues as if they know what womxn in America go through.  

People holding signs at a pro-choice rally in Washington D.C
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Womxn should be at every table when dealing with American politics. I hope this upcoming administration sets an example for future administrations to come. I hope this is the first step to equalize the playing field in politics and womxn continue to gain prominent positions. Men have dominated this field for way too long and drastic change is desperately needed. 


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