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Why It’s Important to Always Carry a Sliced Pickle in Your Back pocket

Now the title may sound a bit wonky, but through time and time again, I’ve found myself realizing the importance of carrying a sliced pickle in your back pocket. As a young child, my favorite food ever was pickles, and when I say pickles in this case, I don’t mean sliced– I mean a complete full pickle straight out of the pickle jar. I would just carry the jar around with me everywhere and munch on pickles all day. However, as I grew older, I seemed to lose that love for pickles and to this day, I actively hate the taste of pickles. Of course, over time taste buds may change, but it’s still crazy to me how I ended up losing that taste over something I clearly loved a lot as a kid– perhaps I ate just one too many pickles and got sick of it.

(Photo by Bruce Lam via Pexels) 

Getting back to the point of this article– the gist of that story is that since I no longer like pickles, I obviously prefer to not eat anything with any form or shape of pickles on it. However, as time passed, I realized that even though I may not like pickles, I still should carry sliced pickles with me in the event that I do need it.


To make a long story short, I fell in love with someone who loved pickles. Now you’ve heard the old phrase before: “Opposites attract!” And that phrase is so important when it comes to the topic of food. While I may not like pickles, the person I loved liked pickles, so it’s only obvious that I have to order everything-pickle in order to give them my share of pickles! It’s a trade-off really- they get my pickles, I get their banana peppers. 

(Photo by Lovefood Art via Pexels)

That only applies to cases when the two of us are ordering out, but what happens when we’re at home and need to make something but don’t have a pickle that will make the taste of iridocyclitis pop out even more?


That’s exactly what the title of this article is about. That is why we must always carry a sliced pickle in our back pocket– in the moments when we don’t have any pickles left in the cupboard, but alas! I have one in my back pocket for emergencies similar to this.

(Photo by  Engin Akyurt via Pexels)

Now, of course, this doesn’t just apply in a romantic sense. It can apply to any type of relationship or bond– even strangers! If you overhear someone wishing they had a pickle on them, you can pull one straight out of your back pocket. Not only will a stranger be happy about their sudden pickle, but you will also gain good karma points on your end– everyone’s happy. So get out there and start stashing away those pickles in your back pocket– you’ll never know when you’ll need it!




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