Who Does Netflix Really Care About?


With Netflix recent cancelation of One Day at a Time, many were  left wonder about their values. This was their statement on why they were canceling the diverse show in the first place.

(Photo by Netflix’s Twitter)


Although there was an uproar by fans and even Lin-Manuel Miranda, Netflix hasn’t said anything about their cancelation announcement. But,  with the way Netflix has done things in the past, it’s really hard to tell if they really care about their shows that represent minorities.


Netflix has cancelled representative shows in the past like Sense8 and The Get Down with different excuses, but while this ODAAT time scandal broke out, people started pointing things out.

(Photo by Netflix)


Netflix loves to do advertise shows like Stranger Things, Riverdale, and 13 Reasons Why, but when it comes to shows with more diverse casts like One Day at a Time, there  hardly ever was any promoting. Even with shows like On My Block, there is a lack of support from Netflix themselves.


A lot of people admitted that they had never even heard of ODAAT until #RenewODAAT started trending on Twitter, and that they were upset because it’s the type of show that they would be into watching because of its hilarity, educational episodes, and representation of both queer and Latinx issues. I binged a season and a half today and lost count of how many times I’ve cried, so I can vouch that this show is worth saving and watching.


So, when Netflix says that there is not enough people watching their shows, whose fault is it? It’s definitely not the amazing shows they have canceled because all of the shows they’ve let go of have rich storylines and production. It’s probably just their poor methods of marketing if they’re even thinking about marketing these shows at all. Because really, as a huge fan of Queer Eye, I had no idea the third season was even coming out.


Overall, Netflix needs to do better when it comes to advertising their shows because their favoritism has been shining through as of lately, and it’s getting harder for them to hide it.