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What Your Guy Wants: 4 Things He’d Love You To Do


Do you want to be that freakin’ awesome girlfriend? You already know you are, but maybe your boyfriend needs a little reminder. If you surprise him with one of these sweet gestures, he’ll not only be impressed and grateful, but will be sure to soften his manly edge and give you one of those tender forehead kisses or enthusiastic pick-up hugs that you know you crave. 

1. Cook him dinner

I know in today’s society there is paranoia over classic gender roles (i.e. If he asks you to make him a sandwich, he is automatically a chauvinist) but I think that cooking your guy dinner is a sweet and loving gesture that does not in any way turn you into a 1950’s housewife. I personally have had great success in my cooking trials; I had no idea how to cook and taught myself through online recipes and Youtube videos. I’ve attempted all sorts of dishes from Parmesan Chicken to Cajun Chicken Pasta to Marinated Pork Tenderloins. Not only did my boyfriend love having home-cooked meals after work, but I gained great satisfaction from making them. So try your hand at cooking and give your guy a nice surprise. He will love you with all his heart and all his stomach!

2. Buy him something he needs

Men are practical creatures. They appreciate having things that are useful. If your guy needs a new pair of jeans or a new wallet, consider buying him one to replace his old one. Oftentimes, men don’t replace things because “it still works.” Something in their DNA makes them cling to old items until they literally fall apart. For instance, my boyfriend wore only one pair of shorts and they had seen many sun-fading days, gone through many washing cycles, and needed to be put to rest. But, being a man, he was not going to go shopping any time soon. So, when I stumbled upon an amazing sale, I bought him three pairs, which he wears all the time! Not only does he like them, but he looks so much more put together when he dresses. So buy your man something he needs. He will appreciate the gesture and make good use of whatever you buy him.

3. Give him a massage

All men would appreciate a nice massage; all women would too for that matter. Massages are intimate and relaxing, a nice way to help relieve tension. You can just rub your guy’s shoulders when he looks stressed or you can give him a full-out back massage as an extra-special gesture. You can even use massage oil; though I haven’t used it yet and am still debating on whether or not it would be beneficial in a male massage. But whether or not you’re just giving shoulder rubs or professional oiled-up massages, it’s a sweet gesture your guy will love. I think little massages helped get my boyfriend through many stressful homework problems and long days at work. I know he appreciated the tension relief. Your guy will too!  

4. Appreciate Him

Guys go through a lot to make us happy. They take us out on dates, pay for our dinners, and make sure we feel pretty. If he’s doing his boyfriend duty, you should be sure to let him know he’s doing a good job. Even if he doesn’t quite say the right thing or get you the right gift, he’s trying. The last thing he wants is for you to complain or sulk over his efforts. So thank him when he pays for your meal, let him know you had a good time on your date, and tell him when he does something you like. After all, if you tell him what he’s doing right, he’s likely to repeat it! Simply put, you should enjoy his company, appreciate his efforts, and acknowledge that he’s causing you to smile. After all, men take pride in their duties, and you are one of his most important jobs. If he knows he’s making you happy, he’ll feel accomplished and happy in return.   

BONUS IDEA: Arrange a scavenger hunt

I will admit, I was skeptical of this idea at first. I thought it might be too corny for my boyfriend, who is the epitome of manliness (a former Marine, amateur boxer, and motorcyclist) but I went ahead and arranged it anyway for a Valentines Day surprise. And he absolutely loved it! Not only did I get the perfect reaction from my sweetheart, but I had a lot of fun setting up the hunt. I loved writing out clues, hiding his gifts, and waiting in anticipation for him to come home and find his surprise. I really outdid myself; it was a fun and creative accomplishment. He seemed to appreciate the thought and effort I put into the hunt and I was showered with affection as a result. Definitely one of my best ideas. 

I tend to go overboard when it comes to these types of things, so feel free to modify this idea to your own level regarding budget, comfort, and preference. You can do it on a small scale (around the house) or a grand scale (around the city). You can write out riddles for clues or you can write simple directions. If you want to go the extra mile, include little gifts with each clue. And his grand prize at the end of the hunt can be anything from cupcakes to Sports tickets to you in lingerie. Get creative!

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