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When I first started skating I didn’t really have anyone to you know, *teach me the ways* I kind of just picked up the gist of it by watching tons of Youtube tutorials. The thing the Youtube tutorials fail to mention however, is all the intimidating social aspects you have to learn to overcome. This is just a heads up from me to a potential skater girl that cares to listen.

Falling is Easy
Amelia Kramer-Skateboard Jersey Faded Push Pop
Amelia Kramer / Her Campus

I realized quickly I had a fear of falling in front of other people and let me tell you there is no way around it. There are so many ways you can fall, especially if you’re learning tricks; public humiliation is a must. I grew my confidence a little more each time I would pick myself up. It definitely gets easier each time, but you also have to keep in mind that people will stare at you — always. Maybe it’s because I’m a girl or  maybe it’s because it’s sick to see a girl skating.

Beware of Gatekeeping
Amelia Kramer-Friends Skateboarding And Eating Ice Cream
Amelia Kramer / Her Campus

Whether you wanna learn how to kickflip or you’re just learning to cruise, you’re going to get judged hard. There’s a big gatekeeping community around skating; sometimes people will judge and think you’re doing it because it’s “trendy”. I’ve noticed this is heavy for girls who are trying to skate. None of that matters though, there’s no real right way, just have fun with it.

Skating Can Be Your Therapy

 Being able to cruise swiftly down some hills or streets playing your favorite music and pretending like it’s a movie (we’ve all pretended to be main characters at some point, let’s be real) is such a pleasant experience and it’s actually the only experience I care about. Heads up, you don’t have to pretend to care about Noseslides or Ollies. Embrace what you love about skating, for me it was being able to get out of my house and enjoy my own company and surroundings.

The Skate Aesthetic

Dress like it if you like how it looks, simple. You are more than welcome to dress in the skate aesthetic even if you don’t skate, and if anyone tries to tell you different that’s on them. Clearly, they just don’t want to see you killing it in those Vans. Take those pictures, wear those Vans, you do you. Skating taught me not to care about how people choose to perceive me. I know why I skate and that’s enough for me.

Overall, skating taught me confidence, how to not be so afraid all the time, and how to stand up for myself. It’s a fun hobby to pick up, don’t let anyone discourage you.

Jay Telles

UC Riverside '22

Fourth-year English major with a love for social justice, fashion, and woman empowerment.
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