What’s A Resonance Calendar & Why You Should Make One

You know that feeling when you’re reading a good book and you highlight a line because it was so good that you want to save it later? I’ve had that feeling so many times but in daily life too. Quarantine has finally given me the time to work on myself to the point where I’m convinced the Universe is speaking to me through everything. I’ll read from books that practically explain exactly what I’m going through, see tweets and instagrams with a quote that hits too close to home, or watch tik toks from therapists giving the best free advice. And at the beginning, I felt overwhelmed. I didn’t know what to do with all the new information and if I didn’t do something, I’d forget. 

girl with coffee and book Photo by Anthony Tran from Unsplash I later stumbled upon the idea of a resonance calendar. A resonance calendar is an organized place where you keep everything that resonates with you in some way, shape, or form. This concept was coined by Ali Abdaal, a well-known Doctor and Youtuber. He began talking about it while blogging about how he uses the app Notion to build a digital second brain. He even offers his own personal template for making resonance calendars in Notion. But the idea of a resonance calendar is completely personalizable to anyone. 

I made my resonance calendar in Notion too, but it can be done anywhere, even with a pen and paper in a journal. It’s simply meant to be a space for you to dump your thoughts so that they will stick with you longer and you can find them again if they don’t. Mine looks like a table with sections for the Type, Title, Takeaways, and Tags. In the “Type” section, I indicate where the piece of information comes from, like “book,” “tweet,” or “video;” in the “Title” section, I put the title of what I got it from, and if there is none I make one up for it; in the “Takeaways” section, I abbreviate all the key points of what resonated with me the most; and in the “Tags” section, I put the information into categories in case I want to search for specific topics later like “mental health,” “relationship tips,” or “life lessons.” 

computer hands writing in journal on table Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash I created it back in July and have kept up with it ever since. Keeping track of every little saying, tip, or lesson that speaks to me has helped me a lot in terms of my personal growth. It made me realize how much meaning I can find in the things around me if I search for it. Practically everything in life offers a lesson and having it organized to look back on makes them so much easier to learn. It’s turned into a sort of growth mindset journal/study guide mix. Writing down what resonates with me makes me feel like I’m actively growing and learning more about myself every single day.