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What I Would Like To See In Euphoria’s Season 2

TW: the following does talk about drug abuse, SA, domestic abuse, and more serious topics

The first episode of Euphoria was released in June 2019. When it first came out, I didn’t find myself gravitating towards it, although I am a big fan of Zendaya. For some reason, I just never found myself following the show, at least, not until this year. Having seen the popularity of the show and the news of its second season being released on January 9, 2022, I decided to give the show a try, I had nothing else better to do.

My initial response to the show was disgust, having not known the explicit nature of the show, constantly having nudity, and just the overwhelming nature of the way the people acted. But past the blatant nudity, the show highlighted many issues such as drug abuse, toxic relationships with domestic abuse, LGBTQIA+ community issues, and so much more. I found myself invested in the show and the lives of the characters. 

Season 1 Recap

In the first season’s final episode, we see Jules (played by Hunter Schaffer) and Rue (Zendaya), who are already having bumps in their relationship, have decided to run away from their town. The final scene consists of Rue not going with Jules on the train and Rue relapsing. Maddie (played by Alexa Demie) and Nate (played by Jacob Elordi) continue having relationship issues as they go to a school dance with different dates, their relationship status being unsure at this time. Cassie (Sydney Sweeney) is attempting to remain single after her breakup with McKay (Algee Smith) and her abortion. Kat (Barbie Ferreira) and her love interest Ethan (Austin Abrams) have finally cleared up misunderstandings and have begun dating. Finally, Fezco (played by Angus Cloud and is my personal favorite) is seen robbing someone to pay back drug dealers.

What I Would Like to See in Season 2

Rue and Jules Stay Friends

While I liked Rue and Jules together for the brief time that they were, especially with Rue being sober while with Jules, I do think that they would be better as only friends. Jules is not the best person for Rue to be relying on to stay sober, as we have seen, Jules cannot handle all of the pressure people put on her to keep Rue sober. Jules herself has problems, not only from her past but due to her involvement with Nate and his dad. She has got enough on her plate as it is. 

Nate and Maddie Stay Broken Up

I think we can all agree that these two do not need to be involved with each other. Their relationship is so bad, not only because Nate is aggressive and has choked her, but because of what they are willing to do for each other because of “love.” Maddie was fully willing to lie to Nate regarding the domestic abuse he inflicted on her and Nate is just freaking crazy. 


She was not given enough screen time in the first season and seeing the first episode of Season 2 and her focus on Fez, I hope she gets the time she deserves. She has dealt with everyone else’s problems and I’d like to see some development in her and her role in the show.

Cassie Staying Single

From what I’ve said in this article, you can probably tell I want all of these characters to stay single, but I especially need this girl to stay single. She is constantly taken advantage of by men because she is convinced she is in love with them all, doing things she doesn’t necessarily want to do because of this belief. With her just having an abortion and her breakup with McKay, I really think this girl really needs to just work on herself. 

Nate Getting Caught 

This guy has been doing so much shit. I truly hope he gets his comeuppance and gets sent to jail or exposed or anything. I just need something to happen to him for everything that he has done and how much he put Jules through. He is truly a shitty character, and I hate how everything has been going his way. The way he manipulates everyone is scary and I need him to just get caught. 

Overall, I’m very excited about the new season and the development of the characters. I have found myself very invested in the plot and development of this show. And as I’ve said before, I am a big fan of Zendaya, so you bet I’ll keep watching for her. 

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