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What I Think About the Carl’s Jr. Beyond Burger


It has now been 52 days since I decided to be a Pescatarian. Although it has not been difficult to stop consuming meat I often find myself missing the taste, especially one of a good burger. Veggie burgers are great, but I was, and still am, very tired of the texture and the flavor. When I found that Carl’s Jr. was going to selling a Beyond Burger I was ecstatic.


What is it?


(Photo by Beyond Meat)


According to Beyond Meat, the Beyond Burger is a plant-based burger that not only tastes like beef but cooks like it too. Using science, the burger is made to only have a similar texture to a beef patty.


The Verdict


(Photo by Carl’s Jr. via Instagram)


It was 12:00 AM when I took my first bite out of the Beyond Burger from Carl’s Jr. I was surprised and confused that something made from plants could taste so much like meat. However, the texture was a little off as it was a bit chewier than beef. Plant-based foods are not always going to taste 100% like the original, but the Beyond Burger gets extremely close.


The burger did not only taste good, but it was also filling. I have tried the burger a total of three times and each time I struggle to finish it. No other fast food burger has filled me up so quickly compared to Calr’s Jr. Beyond Burger.


(Photo by Beyond Meat)


Even though the Beyond Burger is a great option for non-meat eaters and flexitarians it is still a more expensive option than getting a cheeseburger from McDonald’s. The price of the combo for the Beyond Burger at Carl’s Jr. ended up being around $11. From my own personal experience, it is difficult for many to stop consuming meat because it is not in their budget to do so.


The Carl’s Jr. Beyond Burger is a great concept for those who want to eat junk food and want to cut down on their meat intake, or that don’t eat meat at all. However, the reality is that these products must become more affordable in order for a lot more people to try them. For me, the Beyond Burger exceeded my expectations. It is something that you must experience for yourself if you are able to do so. Even my friend who loves meat was surprised and satisfied. So go ahead, go out to your nearest Carl’s Jr. and see for yourself.


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