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Wednesday’s riot at the US Capitol has had many enraged over the difference in treatment by authorities against the rioters. Multiple news outlets and people had the nerve to call yesterday’s chaotic mess a “protest.” However, this violent mob of far-right extremists and Trump supporters continued to prove the ongoing extremity of white supremacy in America. 

[bf_image id="rxbvj5nnm554knhgjbc5p6mv"] There are many videos circling around explicitly showing how the police force easily allowed the rioters in. Just type in “they let them in” on Twitter and see for yourself. There was no hesitation. In fact, it seemed as if they were invited in, but this isn’t really surprising to many. Most of us can acknowledge that if this were any other group, the headlines and stories would be different, and many more people would have been killed. You would think that the same amount of force that was used at BLM protests would be used at a government building. It’s outrageous. 

[bf_image id="m8w89fhnfm6kf6ggs75hjcvt"] Back in the summer of 2020, Trump was quick to call out the protests and had no shame in calling these people “thugs,” and we can’t forget when he threatened those with his tweets.

However, he had an entirely different attitude towards his supporters on January 6th. He encouraged his followers to go forth on committing their domestic attack on a federal building. What was so funny was the fact that these pro-Trump rioters have been devoted followers of the #BlueLivesMatter movement (a response to the BLM movement), yet stormed at them with such violence. This is hypocrisy at its finest. They were never pro-police; they were simply just anti-black in response to what was going on.

[bf_image id="842mjsh9hffhvkrg44ncmxjc"] This event could not even come close to what the protests were in the summer. People marched because black lives were being murdered and were fighting for racial justice in a system that favors the white oppressor. These people on the other hand, rioted because they did not get their way in the election results. 

So, no. This wasn’t a protest. This was far more than a mob attack and far beyond white privilege. It’s white power and white supremacy. Are these people expected to be held accountable for their actions just as many were back in June? Or will they get away with everything again with special treatment simply because they’re white? 

This is merely the beginning of 2021 and I’m nervous to see what the rest of the year holds. 

Jasmine Aguirre

UC Riverside '21

Hi! I'm Jasmine (Jay) & I'm a 4th year Media & Cultural Studies major. I aspire to communicate through written word, in hopes that we can all learn something along the way & I love sharing all of my interests. I have a huge passion for anything music related, as I want to someday become a music journalist.
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