Underdogs Are Taking Over: POC Representation

Time and time again we continue to see powerful womxn engaging in astounding acts that womxn of the past could have only dreamt about. Womxn of color have always been constrained to fall just short of their white and male peers, but as we move forward we see these womxn fiercely paving the way for their communities in an attempt to get more representation. These are the latest trailblazers to make immense strides for their communities:

  1. 1. Zendaya

    At only 24 years old Zendaya has become the youngest actor ever to receive an Emmy for outstanding lead actress in a drama film for her work in Euphoria. In an opinion piece by The Gateway the writer notes how with this win, “Not only is she a great example for young people to look up to, I think for Black girls specifically, this makes a statement that the sky is limitless.” An Emmy is the highest award an actor can receive, some actors will even go their whole careers without one so Zendaya having won one at such a young age is groundbreaking. 

  2. This 18-year-old Mexican model has become the first Oaxacan model to have been front and center in the pages of Vogue, for their Mexico Issue. What started off as helping her grandpa’s wife as a seamstress, developed into an inspiring career in the fashion industry. She notes in an interview with Mitu magazine that “‘It is time for new generations to have media that show them expressions of equality and educate them about the differences that make us all beautiful.’’' Vega's most recent project was a collaboration with Mexican artists Tana Gaxiola and Priscila González in which they worked with Cyamoda to create a clothing line inspired by the beauty of Mexico. Vega is committed to boosting representation for her community and is only one of many Hispanic womxn to challenge the industry and find ways to pave the way for womxn like her to come.

It is because of inspiring womxn like them that the representation of POC grows larger, although they’re the first in their categories they will not be the last. They prove that even when something seems impossible, with hard work you can make those things possible.