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Tuning In: Podcasts

Lately I’ve been binging on some great shows. Nope, not TV shows. Podcasts! From comedy and pop culture to sports and scripted stories, podcasts are your perfect source for niche entertainment. There’s something for everyone! Here are a few of my favorites. Check them out and let me know what you think!

1. The Read

My week is not complete without tuning into The Read. It’s a sassy, smart pop culture recap show and I live for every minute of it. Crissle and Kid Fury are my heroes.



2. This American Life

Straight from WBEZ Chicago! If you love great journalism and thought-provoking stories, this is definitely your podcast. Check it out!


3. Serial

If you haven’t heard of Serial, you must live under a rock. From the producers of This American Life, Serial follows one story week to week, and trust me, it gets addicting.


4. Black Girls Talking

If you’re looking for a fun, intriguing perspective on pop culture and more, check them out. You won’t regret it!


5. The Truth Podcast

I have a new found appreciation for scripted radio stories because of this amazing podcast. If you’re a fan of good storytelling and amazing radio acting, this is the podcast for you.


6. Love + Radio

Love + Radio records intriguing stories and does off-the-grid journalism like pros. I always learn something new when I tune into this podcast. Check them out!


7. The Brilliant Idiots

Comedian Andrew Schulz and radio personality Charlamagne Tha God host this brilliantly idiotic podcast that will not only make you laugh, but give you a new perspective on all things pop culture. Check them out!


Tell us about your favorite podcasts!

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