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If you’ve had a lot of time on your hands lately like most of us do then you’ve probably succumbed to getting stuck scrolling on tik tok for hours on end. And if you’re like me then maybe you’ve stumbled into a few different niches of tik tok, one of them being: manifestation tik tokers. These tik tokers are basically all about the law of attraction and how to adopt it into your mindset to get what you want. I’ve definitely found them very helpful for working on my own perspective so if you want to get more into it to, then check these accounts out: 


1. @juliaakong 


Julia is for sure one of favorite tik tokkers at the moment. A few of her advice videos kept popping up on my for you page and it didn’t take long for those videos to convince me to follow her. She talks a lot about how she manifested modeling into her life by envisioning it, working hard, and never giving up. She also talks about how to surround yourself with the right people or your “soul tribe,” as she calls it, in order to increase your personal success and happiness too. 

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2. @emily.capshaw


I just recently came across more of Emily’s videos, but they are super digestible and helpful. She has plenty of tips about manifestation, one of the main ones being how to differentiate between attraction and attachment (when you manifest you want to attract, but detach too).  She also talks a lot about how to control and alter the things that cause  anxiety and overthinking. During this time, she even has a mini series called “quarantine metamorphosis” to help encourage people different ways to grow through quarantine. 


3. @shannontaruc


Shannon’s account focuses heavily on gratitude; in fact, she has a current tik tok series that is focused on daily ways to show gratitude for different aspects of your life. Being and remaining grateful for everything you have and want to achieve is extremely important when you are trying to grapple with manifesting. The law of attraction is more about being thankful for what’s to come instead of over-obsessing about it.

Original illustration by Kristina Stapelfeld

4. @leoleafs


This tik tokker is all about self-actualization. He is super chill and most of his videos talk about “universal truths” and how to use them to your advantage instead of being illusioned by negativity. Even watching just a few of his videos will make you feel more motivated and in tune with what you truly want as your own person. He serves as a reminder that the universe is meant to guide us and what we put out into it is what we will get back, which is why we must manifest what we want and also why it will work! 


5. @jacksonzaccaria 


If you’re into manifestation and also trying to grow your own tik tok, Jackson’s account is for you. He takes the law of attraction and uses it through a marketing lens to describe practical ways to achieve success through marketing yourself, especially on the app. He does have more general videos about manifesting and self-growth, though, the more you scroll through his account. 

These are just a few tik tokkers who I’ve seen and like, but there are plenty of them out there! Now is a great time to learn more about how you can change your mindset on life. The law of attraction is an interesting place to begin, especially through quick and easy videos. Since I’ve started thinking about it, I’ve seen more and more people talking about it. Who knows, maybe you manifested coming across this article! Use this quarantine to make a positive change in your life and see what comes of it.

Shanelle Huynh

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