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Time To Live Like Gatsby…Kind Of?



For many, this arguably marks the most important decade for you, for a new era has begun. It is exciting yet nerve racking as we are quickly approaching the time to start our adult lives. As we leave 2019 and enter into this strange period of our lives, I encourage all of you to live like Gatsby… kind of? 


Well, I certainly do not invite you to spend most of your adult life pursuing a lost love only to get framed for a crime and ultimately get shot and die, but I would not mind if many of you partied like there was no tomorrow.

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Although, it I do want to say this does not have to be so literal. What I mean to say is that before we must succumb to the responsibilities of adulthood and have to give up some of our youthful tendencies, now is the time to live vigorously. 


So how about we all live like there’s no tomorrow!


Let this year and the many years to come be the dawn of something truly remarkable. Forget the pain of yesterday and welcome the joy of tomorrow, for it waits for no one. Let yourself be happy because you most definitely deserve it. Don’t let your fears stop you from accomplishing great things this decade. 


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Apply for that internship. Ask that boy or girl out. Buy a car. 


And most certainly don’t let your insecurities stop you from doing the things you love. Don’t be afraid to indulge!


Eat your favorite food. Buy those cute shoes. Use that lipstick you have been too afraid to use. 


Do it all! 


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Dare to live! Dare to be yourself! This decade will most certainly be one to remember...

Angela Mayorga

UC Riverside '22

Brown, Proud, and Down. Chicana writer with a lot to say! Check out my insta for more @angelswritetoo
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