The Time I Played The Ouija Board

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Any time I have a sliver of curiosity, I will go out of my way to get to the bottom of it. That’s exactly what happened when I found out about the Ouija Board. I was baffled at the idea that a board game for CHILDREN could conjure up evil spirits. I texted everyone I knew if they had an ouija board and within a matter of minutes, I had it in my hands.


My friend and I didn’t know what to expect, but we knew we wanted it to work. Being the crazy people that we are, we decided to get high right before playing. We thought it would help make us more susceptible to getting possessed.


(Photo by Robert Zunikoff on Unsplash)


We met an evil spirit named Elmo, who says he was murdered at the age of 11. We also asked questions about our life, such as, when we were going to get married or how many kids we were going to have... But we never got possessed.  We began to play the game almost every week. It was exciting and I never felt like I was in danger when playing it.

My friend and I decided to play the Ouija Board again, as it had become a routine. Summon a new spirit, ask a few questions, and say goodbye. The only thing different this time was that the very next day on our way to eat lunch, my friend and I got into a car accident. We immediately blamed it on the Ouija Board.


(Photo by Jose Francisco Morales on Unsplash)


Although I can’t tell you if the Ouija Board was the actual cause of our car accident, I firmly believe it was the reason behind it. I texted the person I borrowed the game from that I was finally done using it and was ready to give it back. He never replied. So the Ouija Board is now in my closet collecting dust because I sure as hell am never playing with it again.