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Tieks Review: The Ballet Flat Every Girl Needs in Her Life

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of foldable shoes. I’ve worn my fair share and would have never thought that one day I would find a pair that were cute, comfortable and wearable.  

Tieks ballet flats are foldable shoes for women. So if you’ve been wearing heels all day, these flats will definitely come in handy. They even come with a pouch and a foldable bag, so you can stick them into your purse. 

I was so excited to get my first pair of Tieks, it took me about a week to decide on a color (they are all so cute). After compiling a list of pastels and patent colors, I finally settled on fuchsia. The ordering process was simple and my item shipped that very same day. When my shoes finally arrived, I was shocked to see that they came in the cutest packaging! I took 15 pictures in different angles before I opened up the box. Inside was a hand personalized note, a pouch and a bag for the shoes, along with information about the design. 

I have never ordered shoes online, so this being my first time, I was a bit scared that the shoe wouldn’t fit. I’m generally a size 8, but with some shoes I’m an 8 1/2. If there’s anything you need to worry about when ordering Tieks, it should definitely not be the sizing. My shoes fit perfectly! Over the next week, I wore my Tieks everywhere, well at first I only wore them indoors because I have this thing where I don’t want to dirty or ruin anything new. Eventually, I got the courage to take these babies outside and my feet were in heaven! Tieks make you feel very light and free, sometimes I forget that I’m wearing shoes, I call them pillows for my feet. 

Tieks are made of 100 percent premium, soft, full-grain leather (custom made in Italy) and the signature Tiek Blue stripe and rubber patches accent each pair. So these are a fancy pair of flats! The only downside would have to be the cost. A pair can cost you $175+, but in the long run these shoes are totally worth it and you get free shipping! So why spend $25 on a pair of H&M flats that are going to fall apart in a couple of months, when you can invest in quality shoes that are basically slim sneakers for your sole. 

Traveling around Riverside in my fuchsia Tieks!

If you’re in love with Tieks the way I am, then you should attend our “Spring into Fashion” show on April 27th (Sunday). And if you just can’t wait, go order yourself a pair right now, comfort and cuteness await you! 

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