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Three Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

Recently, I have turned to Instagram to distract me from life’s problems. Going down an Instagram rabbit hole brought me to new, interesting accounts that I had no idea could have Instagram accounts. Here are some of my favorites. 


  1. Art Hoe Collective 

Arthoecollective describes itself as a “community organization” for artists of color.  Art Hoe Collective provides a space and a platform that encourages people of color to display their creativity. On this account, people of color can submit their art, photographs, poetry, and more to show the 74+ thousand followers of the account. If you like an artist on the account and want to keep up with their work, the collective includes Instagram handles and a description of their submitted work. Art Hoe Collective has led me to find and follow amazing artists and keep up with their creative journey.

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Photo by Spencer Imbrock on Unsplash

  1. Bathpix


Bathpix has hundreds of pictures of bathrooms. I have been following bathpix for years, and I always find myself going back to their account to get inspiration for my future restroom. The restroom is arguably the most private room in a house, but Bathpix shows how creative and fun they can be. Most of the restrooms on the account follow a theme from ducks to marble to patterns and colors. This account has made me reconsider how bathrooms work as an aesthetic.

girl taking bubble bath while looking at landscape
Roberto Nickson

  1. Oioioio

Oioioio is an account created by Risa Omori about nail art. Omori’s nail art is out of this world, it is so creative and detailed. Each nail is different, beautiful, and visually pleasing. I spent hours looking at Omori’s intricate colorful designs. Her designs are unlike anything I have ever seen before, her talent is unparalleled, and honestly, Michelangelo could never!


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