Theresa Palafox, High School Principal In the Making

DOB: 02/26/1992

Major: Political Science     

Year: 4th

Hometown: San Diego!

Relationship Status: In a relationship


Current obsession:

1. Experimenting with food

2. Being outdoors & exploring nature

3. Going to the dog park and mingling with other doggies

Where do you see yourself in 5years?

In five years I see myself completing my Ph.D in education and becoming a high school principal in a disadvantaged community.

Who inspires you?

My dad. He has always showed me unconditional love regardless of our situation. Always been my #1 supporter and encouraged me to pursue my dreams no matter how crazy they may seem. He’s the only man that texts me good morning everyday and “lunch” to remind me to eat lunch (even though I’m 22). My dad lost his job back in 2012 and stayed optimistic during those tough times. He went back to school to receive special credentials and enrolled in English classes to become more competitive. During my mom’s absence, he took over all chores including chores that “men” are not supposed to do. He is the definition of sacrifice and family commitment.

What are some things you have been a part of in Riverside and/or contributed in?

TRiO scholars Program

CSP chicano link mentoring program

Riverside Access Center

Boys and Girls Club


Currently a tutor for Riverside School District for low performing K-5 student’s Spanish translator

What are the social justice type of programs or charity's that interest you the most?

Ever since I started working with students I knew my purpose in life was to become an education advocate. I come from Barrio Logan, a community that has been targeted with crimes and little support from the community to succeed I had an opportunity to leave to receive an education. I know, however, that my purpose is to go back to Barrio Logan and motivate students to pursue higher education. I know it will not be an easy task due to the community’s tradition and culture but I am determined to make it happen.