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A Talk With Jenita Raksanoh: Societal Pressures and Finding Passion

With the spring quarter coming to an end, there are quite a few Her Campus graduating seniors. Each and every one of them, hardworking women who have much to offer in advice from their experiences. I had the great opportunity to interview Jenita Raksanoh, who will be graduating with a degree in Media and Cultural Studies. 

Q: How does it feel to be graduating during a pandemic? Are there positive things that came out of this experience? 

A: Honestly, I’m grateful to be able to graduate. I’m glad that we get to walk because I know other schools had to do it online. I have accepted the new reality and overall I’m happy that I get to bring two guests which are my parents. There are many positive things that came out of this experience. I was depressed and lonely throughout my college experience however quarantine allowed me to take a break from reality and find myself. I have made many friends online which is crazy because within the pandemic I have gained more friends than I have in my entire college career. I am happy that I got the time to heal myself as well. 

Q: When did you know that your major was right for you? Was it always your major or did you change it at one point?

A: Because I found out that college wasn’t for me. I know it’s going to sound different than what other classmates might say but for so long I was pressured into finding a certain major that will determine my career forever. I was always interested in the entertainment industry however I never really learned much from my major/classes. I learned the hard way that I don’t need my major to be successful in life. I am passionate about fitness and health so my plan is to one day have my own fitness activewear line. Although I was able to experience being away from home and having independence in college, I later found out that I don’t need my major. However am I still grateful for all my experiences here at UCR. 

Q: What is one way (or more) that you feel like you have grown since your freshman year? Are you more confident, more outgoing, more well-put-together, etc?

A: That I have grown since freshman year is that I no longer relied on other people to make me happy or feel less lonely. By being alone and learning about who I want to be and what I want to do, I am able to rely on myself because, at the end of the day, you only get yourself.

Q: What are you most excited to do once you graduate? 

A: I’m excited to be free from all the essays, finals, and mental breakdowns. But most importantly, I’m excited to put myself first and really take a step into my group have no matter how small it is. School always kept me busy so I never really devoted lots of time to myself which is why I’m looking forward to being finished.

Q: How do you see the happiest version of yourself? 

A: I see the happiest version of myself as me making my own income in which I am financially free. I strive to help others whether it’s through social media platforms or fitness, in which I have recognition for my name. I also see myself being happy by also sharing my wealth with my family as well.

Q: What is one thing you would like to tell your freshman year self?

A: I would tell her that it always gets better. There’s more to life than feeling lonely and pressured by society in college.

Q: When were you at your most stressed, how did you relax and unwind?

A: I relaxed by going to the recreation center and working out. It helped me mentally and physically which felt amazing. It also allowed me to form a deep relationship with myself.

Q: What is one thing you’ve gotten from Her Campus and what is a word of advice you’d like to leave the remaining undergraduate students?

A: One thing I’ve gotten from Her Campus is the space to share my interests and speak my voice to other young women who might need help. One piece of advice is to find out what you really want to do in college and no matter what society tells you, always find a way to make it your job where you make money from it. 

Also to be kind to others because you never know what they’re going through. They can seem happy but deep down feel lonely inside.

Jade Zuniga

UC Riverside '24

I am a first-year Psychology major who is looking to improve my writing skills. I love listening to music, watching movies, drinking boba, and playing with my cats.
Jenita Raksanoh

UC Riverside '21

Jenita is a Media and Cultural Studies major at the University of California, Riverside. She enjoys meal prepping, working out, having photoshoots and discovering trendy food spots. Her goal is to motivate women to become healthier and become the best version of themselves. Being a young woman in college has taught her not only academically but mentally as well, which is why she is driven to help others through Her Campus.
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