Style? What's That?

Now, I don't know about any of you, but I find fashion to be a tricky topic. I know some people ask, "What IS fashion? How do I become fashionable? What’s in right now?" Some people look up to high end fashion mags for the latest trends, like Vogue or Elle, while others are comfortable shopping at thrift stores for that vintage look. Here's my two cents on the matter: there really is no "right" sense of fashion. If you can rock it, then wear it! I see so many people around campus who sport different styles…and they’re all pulling it off! I mean, I like shopping at the mall as much as I like to go thrifting. It gives me a chance to combine old pieces with new pieces. Part of being fashionable is being innovative and working with what you have.

What really irks me is when people see something they like, but are too afraid to buy it because they don't think they can pull it off. Don't trip and just buy it! Confidence is what really makes an outfit work. In the end, what you wear is just an outward expression of yourself; liking what you’re wearing is just another one of the pros. If you feel that dressing indie chic suits you more than a grungy 90's chick or a Bohemian princess, then girl, go for it. If you feel like all three styles suit you, then just keep switching it up. There are so many different trends out there that nothing really goes out of style. Who's to say what you SHOULD wear?

Just remember: trends are just there for guidance. You don't always have to follow them. Just be confident and be yourself. Like Yves Saint Laurent said, "Fashions fade, but style is eternal." With that in mind, here are a few trends that have come back into style and a few trends that are in for Spring 2014!


Junior, Melissa Heredia, wearing three timeless pieces: denim, a maxi skirt, and gold accessories. An effortless, laid-back look!


Junior, Sahar Akhavan, dressing in cool pink pastels heading to a job interview. Perfect for spring!


Here are a few ideas for spring music festivals that are coming up: floral wide leg pantsuit, crochet bucket bag, round rimmed sunglasses, and woven sandals.


Watch out! Overalls are coming back. Match with cute heart-shaped sunglasses and some combat boots for this 90s look.